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Kenyan University Courses: Which Ones are Most Popular Based on KUCCPS?

Kenyan University Courses: Which Ones are Most Popular Based on KUCCPS?

In 2022, students who took their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams will be able to apply for undergraduate courses in Kenyan universities.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has stated that students who scored C+ and above will be able to choose courses based on cluster points.

These cluster points are a student’s performance in four subjects required for admission to a given degree program compared to the best candidates in that year’s KCSE examination. The KUCCPS has listed 560 undergraduate degree programs that have been classified into 20 clusters.

The most popular course is Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), which is in Cluster 1. This is followed by Business, Hospitality, and related courses, which have 64 different undergraduate programs under the category.

Social Sciences, Media Studies, Fine Arts, Film, Animations, Graphics, and related courses are listed in Cluster 3. In Cluster 4, Geosciences and related courses consist of sixteen undergraduate programs, while Engineering, Engineering Technology, and related courses are ranked in Cluster 5.

Architecture, Building Construction, and related courses are listed in Cluster 6.

According to Apollo Osango, a Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) examiner, the popularity of a course during the application process is influenced by the number of slots available in universities against the number of students applying.

Law is a most sought-after course in Kenya, and since most universities offering Law can accommodate a high number of students, it becomes the most applied course.

In contrast, few institutions offer engineering courses, and the slots per class are also fewer because the course demands more in terms of infrastructure. Therefore, fewer students apply for engineering courses compared to geosciences.

KUCCPS locks out students from selecting certain courses if they do not meet the required cluster points, forcing them to select a second alternative. This can increase the popularity of some courses, such as Law, which is a popular alternative for students who do not meet the cluster points required for Medicine.

KUCCPS has also listed other clusters in order of popularity, including Computing and Information Technology; Agribusiness; Actuarial Science, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics; Interior and Fashion Design; Sports Science; History and Archaeology; Agriculture; Geography; French and German; Music; Education, and Religious Studies.

Kenyan University Courses: Which Ones are Most Popular Based on KUCCPS?


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