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Kenyan Students to Get More Opportunities to Study in North America

Kenyan Students to get More Opportunities to Study in North America

KenSAP facilitates the admission of high-achieving, low-income Kenyan high school graduates to the most elite schools and universities in North America, with full financial aid.

Since its inception in 2004, this organization has placed 239 students in America’s top universities.

In addition to assisting its students through the admissions process, KenSAP prepares them intellectually and culturally for campus life in the United States and continues to offer guidance and support throughout their undergraduate careers and beyond.

John Manners, who helped start KenSAP and is now its executive director. KenSAP hopes to get more attention to add to the money they have received from American and Canadian sponsors.

“We have a good story to tell, and we are seeking to sustain our efforts to support needy students and maintain this astonishing success rate with top American universities, having placed 100 per cent of our students since 2006 – a record in Africa,” Manners added.

KenSAP expanded its initial regional focus three years ago to include students from thirty counties.

Alan Davidson, the managing director of KenSAP, stated that approximately 15 students are chosen annually from hundreds of applicants.

All candidates must have scored a high minimum score (an AGP of 77 points) on the KCSE exam from the previous year to apply and must provide a scanned copy of their results slip to KenSAP.

“Currently, our ambition has grown, from just placing scholars to developing a generation of leaders who can help lift majority of Kenyans out of crippling poverty, and thereby lift the East African region economically.

“Once admitted to university, we continue to support them throughout their undergraduate years and beyond, conducting three annual gatherings in the US at which students exchange ideas and receive guidance from professionals,” Davidson said.

Recently, KenSAP’s largest obstacle has been making the program financially self-sufficient and independent of a single major donor.

KenSAP’s relationship with the M-PESA Foundation has significantly advanced its efforts to meet this challenge.

“The foundation has kindly offered to accommodate us on its new academy in Thika,” said Davidson.

Over sixty percent of KenSAP’s students and graduates made tiny monthly donations totalling approximately $25,000 (Sh2.5 million) in the past year.

Kenyan Students to get More Opportunities to Study in North America


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