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Kenyan Students Feted in Africa Tech Challenge

Kenyan Students Feted in Africa Tech Challenge

During the Africa Tech Challenge (ATC), three students from Kenyan universities triumphed over 256 others from various institutions throughout Africa.

The first two graduates were from Meru National Polytechnic, while the third was from Gatundu South Technical and Vocational College.

The three Kenyans won the competition sponsored by the Chinese firm AVIC INTL Project Engineering Company.

Other teams were from Egyptian, Ghanaian, Ugandan, Tanzanian, Zambian, and Zimbabwean universities.

According to the Chinese corporation, the competition’s winners received an undisclosed sum of cash following a four-week boot camp.

The teams utilized the AVIC INTL Vocational Education Online Platform for a four-week process. The competition consisted of Reading and Drafting of Construction Drawings.

The competition emphasized understanding of engineering drawing projection, international drafting standards, CAD software operation, and floor plan sketches.

Kenyans have raised the country’s profile through innovative projects that have won multiple awards in international and continental contests.

Two Kenyan innovators were recently honored at the 2022 Ashden Awards for their unique ideas about clean, accessible energy and natural climate solutions.

Two Kenyans outwitted 200 other contestants and won Ksh3.5 million in cash.

“Our winners and runners-up show how the continent is a hotbed of innovation, demonstrating the resilience and ingenuity of those most at risk from climate change,” Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb stated.

In Africa, Chinese businesses frequently struggle to locate personnel with the required skill sets.

On the other side, the local youth unemployment rate is significant, as many cannot find employment.

Faced with this circumstance, China House aids Chinese enterprises in designing and implementing the “Africa Tech Challenge” social corporate responsibility project (ATC).

It provides technical training to African students in order to assist them in becoming skilled technicians.

Following the first conceptualization by China House, the mature competition is currently held directly by Chinese businesses.

Until today, its size has been steadily expanding. One of the few corporate social responsibility projects undertaken by a Chinese state-owned firm that meets international criteria.

Kenyan Students Feted in Africa Tech Challenge


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