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Kenyan Student Wins Ksh.2M in Dubai for Quran Recitation

Kenyan Student Wins Ksh.2M in Dubai for Quran Recitation

Munira Abdifatah Abdi, a student from Eastleigh in Nairobi, won Ksh2 million after finishing in the top ten of the 2022 Quran recitation championship held in Dubai.

The 15-year-old finished eighth out of 300 competitors from around the world, an incredible feat for a 15-year-old.

The competition brought together thousands of students from various countries to test their ability to recite passages from the Islamic holy book.

She expressed gratitude for the win and global recognition while speaking to the media following her historic victory.

“I am grateful that I finished among the top ten competitors in Quran recitation in Dubai from a pool of 300 competitors across the world,” she stated.

The student, who attends Mus’ab Educational Centre in Nairobi’s Eastleigh, said her seven-day trip was beneficial because she was able to interact with her peers and exchange different points of view.

“I would like to be a diplomat after school just to be out there representing my country and learning more from other people on how to improve lives back at home,” she noted. 

Jimale Sheikh, Director of Mus’ab Education Centre, praised Abdi’s victory, noting that the center works hard to prepare students for such competitions.

“This is our second student to win in the competition and we shall keep preparing more others and send them to compete because it is part of our curriculum,” he noted. 

“We still offer Islamic classes alongside the formal education programme and our performance in the national examination remains excellent,” he added.

Abdi has previously won awards in local and East African competitions over the last two years. Yunus Masoud, 15, won the annual Quran competition award in May 2021, beating out students from across the continent.

Kenyan Student Wins Ksh.2M in Dubai for Quran Recitation


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