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Kenyan Secondary School Attended by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Father

Kenyan Secondary School Attended by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Father

Highway Secondary School is literally a talent factory.

The government school in Nairobi’s South B Estate has continued to produce some of the most promising athletes and artists. And then there’s the civil service.

Career civil servants bred here include immediate former Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, former Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho, and former PS Lands Nicholas Muraguri.

This institution has produced football stars such as Bramwel Mwololo and Austine Oduor.

Daniel Owira, who later became former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s adoptive son after his Otonglo time narrative caught the country by storm, was discovered at The Highway Secondary School.

And the school has lately made headlines twice! One was when its football team finished first runner-up in secondary school games in Kenya and East Africa.

Second, when one of the world’s superpowers’ former student’s son became prime minister.

Rishi Sunak was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, succeeding Liz Truss, who resigned as Boris Johnson’s replacement just weeks after being elected.

Nobody cared about Sunak until his most recent victory. Then it dawned on Kenyans that he has roots in our country.

Sunak’s father was born and educated in Kenya before moving to the United Kingdom in search of greener pastures.

Mr. Yashvir Sunak studied for his O-levels at The Highway Secondary School.

Citizen Digital paid a visit to the school and spoke with Irungu Nduati, the school’s Chief Principal.

“Dr. Sunak (Yashvir) schooled here with his brother from 1965 up to 1967. His brother was a year ahead of him and was the school captain,” Nduati says. 

The older Sunak was active and opinionated, whilst the younger Sunak, the father of the UK prime, was a shy lad who focused more on his studies.

“He was not as outgoing as his brother. He was quiet. The older brother was school captain and more outspoken, perhaps the reason he was picked to lead the students,” Nduati adds.

The Sunaks moved to Southampton, England, after finishing high school at The Highway Secondary School.

Usha, who was born in Tanzania, was married to Yashvir Sunak. Rishi was born in Southampton on May 12, 1980.

His father worked for the NHS, and his mother was a pharmacist in their community.

Rishi studied at Winchester College, Lincoln College, Oxford University, and Stanford University. In August 2009, he married Akshata Murthy. They have two daughters.

When the PM’s uncle, the former Highway Secondary school captain, returned to Kenya for vacation the last term, he paid a visit to the institution.

“It was a good feeling to have him come back to see the strides his former school has made so far. He was impressed,” Mr. Nduati said.

He also expressed his desire for Yashvir to return to the institution, possibly accompanied by his son Rishi.

“This is an indication that with determination and focus, one can be anything in this world. We are not limited if the example of the UK premiere is anything to go by,” the principal concluded.

Kenyan Secondary School Attended by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Father


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