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KCSE Private Candidate Registration Requirements and Procedures

KCSE Private Candidate Registration Requirements and Procedures

Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) grants Kenyans a second opportunity on taking their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE examination and getting a certificate. 

The KNEC examination body provides private candidate registration procedure for those who missed their opportunity in national examination for several causes. Some of the people who enrol as private candidates for KCSE in Kenya include: 

Those who failed their KCSE examinations in Kenya, and prefer to attempt anew without attending classes and wearing uniforms, 

Individuals who are older and had the uncertainty of sitting for their KCSE examination in their youth

Those due to unexpected situations, particularly due to illness or disasters, were incapable of sitting for their KCSE examinations in Kenya


Requirements for KCSE Private Candidate Registration in Kenya

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has put into place guidelines to enable only qualified individuals to sit for KCSE examination in Kenya to ensures the KCSE outcomes in Kenya will not be second-rate. 

The KNEC requirements during registration for KCSE examinations in Kenya include; 

  • KCPE certificate in Kenya, 
  • birth certificate, 
  • two passport photos, 
  • time elapsed. should be more than three years since they sat for their KCPE. for a repeater, it should be less than two years since their last KNEC sitting. the prospective candidates should produce a school leaving certificate of the last institution attended within Kenya. 
  • Evidence of confirmation from the school principal where the candidate intends to sit for the KCSE practical examination paper. 
  • Should have sat and passed a qualifying examination administered by KNEC in Kenya.
  • Registration of a minimum of 7 and a culmination of 9 papers in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations. 

To register as a KCSE privately in Kenya attract charges ranging from Ksh. 3,200 for the seven papers and Ksh 3,600 for the nine papers in KCSE exams in Kenya. 

Where to register

The KCSE Private candidates are enrolled at the District Education Offices by the KNEC agents in Kenya every year. 

For Foreign Examinations, they will be expected to report to KNEC premises in South C Foreign Examinations section for registration




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