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KCPE Student With 415 Marks Misses Form One Placement

KCPE Student With 415 Marks Misses Form One Placement.

In the recently completed Form One placement, a student who received 415 points out of a possible 500 in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) was not placed in any secondary school.

Paul Wasonga told that despite his strong performance, he did not get a spot in Form One.

The 24-year-old stated that he had previously taken the KCPE exam but was unable to advance to the next level.

He was required to retake the KCPE exam this year.

The learner says that he approached education authorities in Migori County for assistance with his situation, but they were unhelpful.

Wasonga went on to say that he was told by the system that he was a secondary school student after being placed in high school in 2018.

He stated that his previous circumstances made it difficult for him to progress to secondary school because he was unable to raise the necessary school fees.

He did, however, mention that he has found sponsors who are willing to pay his tuition and other expenses so that he can pursue his dreams.

Wasonga stated that because he had not been assigned to any secondary school, his sponsors were unable to make the necessary arrangements for him to attend secondary school. is aware that the Ministry of Education has promised to look into the matter. Furthermore, the MoE stated that Wasonga’s case was an outlier.

According to the MoE, even if students repeat classes, they must still secure a spot in high school in accordance with the regulations.

Earlier this week, Julius Jwan, the Principal Secretary for Basic Education, stated that 4,334 KCPE candidates who took their exams this year were not placed in high schools.

Because these students took their exams in prisons or as private candidates, the government cannot place them in secondary school.


According to the MoE, 1,209,697 candidates were placed in high schools. The PS did not provide a path forward for students who did not secure a spot in high school.

Every year, a large number of students register as private candidates to take the KCPE exams.

In an effort to improve education, the government allows inmates to further their education while serving their sentences. They are not, however, assigned to secondary schools.

KCPE Student With 415 Marks Misses Form One Placement


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