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KCPE Candidate Burns During ‘Academic Fire’ Celebrations

KCPE Candidate Burns During ‘Academic Fire’ Celebrations.

On Thursday night, December 1, a fire at a Nyahururu Town Academy severely injured a Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidate.

The student was burned during an “academic fire,” in which students destroy books and other school-related materials after completing exams.

According to reports, the student was primarily burned on the hands and face.

She was immediately transported to Nyahururu County and the Referral Hospital for emergency care.

“School head teacher had asked all the candidates to gather outside the school compound and ordered us to light a bonfire after their evening meals as part of celebrations which went up to around 2:00 am,” the victim recounted.

The student reported in the hospital that the festivities were halted when she lost her balance after accidentally getting too close to the flames.

Her parents grumbled that they were not notified of the matter until Thursday, December 1, when the school instructed them to bring up their daughter.

The girl’s mother said, “I only learned about the occurrence from another student who guided me to where my daughter was lying while writhing in pain.”

The mother was dissatisfied with the school, stating it should have been proactive enough to prevent the incident.

She contacted the appropriate authorities to assist her daughter in obtaining justice and proper care.

The victim’s mother stated that the school administration showed no remorse for the act, which will undoubtedly leave her daughter with permanent scars.

After filing a report at the Riverside Police Post, police opened an inquiry into the situation.

KCPE Exams Marking

Wednesday’s final exam for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education will be followed immediately by the beginning of the marking process.

KNEC examiners have already reported to their stations according to Principal Secretary of Basic Education Julius Jwan.

Nairobi teachers reported to marking centers on November 25.

He reported that the exams were proceeding nicely, with only a few minor issues that were readily rectified.

Dr. Jwan further confirmed that students from 67 schools in Uasin Gishu and Bungoma were taking their exams at other schools.

According to him, 52 students from private schools in Uasin Gishu and 15 students from private schools in Bungoma whose centre managers failed to acquire examination materials sat their tests at other centres since their schools were closed during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Mr. Jwan cautioned schools from engaging in exam misconduct.

Referring to a probe into a school in Nakuru County for allegedly registering candidates who were found to be low performers at different centres, Dr. Jwan stated that the government was awaiting a report before taking appropriate action.

“We need to give learners a chance to be children. We do not want to profile them. Our officers are investigating the [case] because we consider that an irregularity,” Dr Juan said.

He asked schools and parents to help and safeguard students from the exploitation of selfish individuals.

KCPE Candidate Burns During ‘Academic Fire’ Celebrations


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