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KCPE and KCSE Exams Centers To Be Merged.

KCPE and KCSE Exams Centers To Be Merged.
Due to the increased number of candidates, the Ministry of Education has decided to merge examination centres.

According to a report presented to the national assembly, the number of candidates enrolled in primary and secondary schools has increased from 1,464,817 to 1,944,210 since 2015. (33 per cent).

The report, signed by Education CS George Magoha, clarified that reducing the number of examination centres will improve monitoring.

“Reducing the number of these centres will help to efficiently deter the occurrence of examination-related malpractices and maintain the integrity of the examination,” according to the report.

Magoha observed that as the number of students increased, so did the cost of managing the exam period.

The pay of centre managers, supervisors, invigilators, security officers, and drivers has increased in the Education sector.

“This is coupled with the high cost of delivering examination materials to schools together with an inadequate number of security personnel to offer security in the examination centres,” the report reads.

Class 1 to 7 students will not be in school during the examination period to ensure there is enough space for hosted students.

Candidates’ seating arrangements in all examination centres will be maintained at a 1.5-meter spacing in the examination rooms.

Magoha went on to say that the number of invigilators would be kept at 20 candidates per invigilator.

The merger of the exam centres, however, will have no effect on special needs institutions.

Magoha responded in Parliament to a question posed by Kitui West MP Edith Nyenze. Nyenze inquired whether the policy would have a negative impact on student performance.

At least 162 examination centres have been closed as a result of the plan to merge examination centres with fewer than 40 students.

Following the implementation of this directive, the number of KCPE examination centers decreased from 28,467 to 28,329, a decrease of nearly 138 centres.

The number of KCSE examination centres has decreased from 10,437 to 10,413 in the previous year, with 24 being closed down.

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The ministry of education, through KNEC, directed in May that no examination centers with fewer than 40 students would be used.

KNEC had previously directed that any school with five to fourteen candidates be hosted by another center, to be determined by the respective sub-county director of education.

KCPE and KCSE Exams Centers To Be Merged.


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