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KCA To Retrain Tutors and Lecturers Despite Having Masters and PhDs

KCA To Retrain Tutors and Lecturers Despite Having Masters and PhDs

All lecturers and tutors who want to teach at KCA University must be trained by the university.

The partnership between the university and the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research resulted in this.

This collaboration comes just days after KCA opened a Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence on its main campus.

KCA vice chancellor Isaiah Wakindiki stated that the collaboration would benefit both students and lecturers.

Wakindiki was speaking at the signing of the partnership at Nairobi’s main campus.

The VC stated that the training has nothing to do with curriculum review, but rather with lecturer training.

“One of our strategic goals is excellence in students’ success [and] faculty development, that is capacity of our teaching staff to deliver,” he said.

According to CTLE director Simon Ngigi, obtaining a postgraduate degree does not qualify one to be a lecturer.

Ngigi stated that a person with a master’s or a PhD must also be trained to teach.

According to Ngigi, who is also a professor of education, teaching entails more than just delivering content.

He did, however, commend Kenyans for recognizing the importance of pursuing postgraduate studies.

Individuals who wish to teach at KCA or any other university as part of the program will be re-trained in the same manner as other teachers.

PASGR executive director Anthony Mveyange stated that the organization is working in collaboration with 14 other Kenyan universities.

Egerton, Kenyatta University, UoN, MMUST, USIU, JOOST, Masai Mara, and Riara University are among them.

Tangaza College, Hekima University College, Machakos University, Maseno University, and Moi University are among the others.

PASGR uses a pedagogy based on interactive learner-centered techniques to deliver training.

Group projects, role plays, fieldwork, and guided discussions, as well as peer learning, are examples of these.

The institute also promotes technology-assisted learning through multimedia materials such as electronic case studies, documentaries, and animations.

The center aims to bridge the gap between the dons’ content and the expertise required for the teaching profession in higher education.

KCA To Retrain Tutors and Lecturers Despite Having Masters and PhDs


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