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Junior Secondary School Rules For Students Released

Junior Secondary School Rules For Students Released

According to new guidelines released by the Ministry of Education, students in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) will face consequences such as suspensions and expulsion if they participate in mass indiscipline, as outlined in the Basic Education Regulations 2015.

These guidelines apply to students in Grades 7, 8, and 9 and hold them individually responsible for their actions.

In accordance with the 2015 Basic Education Regulations, which were referenced in the formulation of the guidelines, the head of a Junior Secondary School would be required to suspend a student for recurrent and pervasive errors.

The law mandates that a principal must suspend a pupil whose insubordination poses a risk to the safety of other students. 

Basic Education Regulations, 2015, read in part:  “The head of the institution shall issue the learner, with a suspension letter addressed to the parent or guardian indicating the nature of the indiscipline and specifying the date the learner, accompanied by the parent or guardian, is required to appear before the Board of Management of the institution.”

According to a new Act, students in Junior Secondary Schools will be deemed unruly if they are involved in physical fights, bullying, playing truant, cheating in exams, and abusing teachers or other authority figures.

Other actions that would be considered unruly include defiance of lawful instructions and drug trafficking or substance abuse.

The Act also states that students will be deemed to have participated in mass indiscipline if they take part in unlawful demonstrations, boycotts of classes or meals, destruction of school property, and invasions of other institutions or homes.

School heads will also be required to close institutions within 24 hours for mass action.

Additionally, students in grades seven, eight, and nine may be required to transfer to other schools based on recommendations from the Board of Management and approval from the County Education Board. This decision can be appealed.

The regulations for Junior Secondary Schools will be open for public participation.

The guidelines also state that JSS leadership must establish and maintain a register of major and minor indiscipline cases using approved protocols.

The Ministry of Education has also launched mentorship programs and plans to help parents make important decisions regarding students’ meals to help prevent indiscipline cases.

Junior Secondary School Rules For Students Released


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