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International Education Lobby Groups Mounts Pressure On President Kenyatta To End The TSC Onslaught On KNUT

More than 9 international education lobby groups have written to President Uhuru Kenyatta to seek a truce in KNUT vs TSC dispute. A series of actions by the Teachers Service Commission over the past few years have seen the former giant union KNUT almost collapse.

The number of international lobby groups that have written to President Kenyatta over the TSC onslaught on the Kenya National Union Of Teachers (KNUT) has been increasing since the beginning of March this year.

The Education International African Region (EIAR), Formation Et Enseignement Prives (FEP), South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU), and All India Primary Teachers Federation have all written to President Kenyatta in the last 7 days with all passing the same message.

The Education International Africa Region, the Syndicat National des Enseignements de Second degre’ (Paris), the National Education Union (UK), New Zealand Post Primary Teachers Association, and the National Education Union (London) have also joined in solidarity to support Knut.

The unions want TSC to reverse its anti-union actions against Knut and engage in serious dialogue and in good faith to restore healthy industrial relations and a good environment for quality education.

Below is a message by the All India Primary Teachers Federation:


Teachers Service Commission’s Onslaught on Kenya Nationa Union Of Teachers

Your Excellency,

All India Primary Teachers’ Federation writes this letter requesting you to intervene and stop the Teachers Service Commission’s onslaught on Kenya National IJnion of Teachers (KNUT).

Since 2019, the TSC has engaged in a systematic campaign against KNUT. It has discriminated against members of KNUT, excluded KNUT members from the Collective Bargaining Agreement since July 2019, and deprived the union of membership dues.

This systematic attack against KNUT has decimated union membership and crippled trade union capacity to represent members. Members have also suffered discrimination on promotions and salary upgrades through TSC changes made without consultation and legislative approval.

We are also concerned that the TSC unilaterally suspended the five-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed in 2017 and illegally introduced a digital validation of union members which resulted in a significant membership loss for KNUT.

Such discrimination is not in line with Kenya’s international treaty obligations under the United Nations and ILO labor standards.

In February 2020, our global union federation, Education International, through the facilitation of its affiliates. KNUT and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), met the Teachers Service Commission and the Ministry of Labour seeking an amicable solution to the crisis. but unfortunately, the TSC has continued its campaign to destroy KNUT and ignored court orders and Parliamentary decisions.


We, therefore, implore you, your Excellency. to prevail upon the TSC to fully respect the trade union rights and interests of KNUT and its members.

  1. The TSC should reverse its anti-union actions against KNUT and engage in serious dialogue and in good faith to restore healthy industrial relations and a good environment for quality education.
  2. The TSC Should also restore KNUT’s membership to that of June 2019, desist from discriminating against KNUT members concerning their remuneration, promotion, and working conditions, revert to implementing the 2017-2021 collective bargaining agreement and implement all the court orders and Parliamentary decisions.


Our union, and indeed, the whole teaching fraternity will greatly appreciate your positive intervention in this matter for harmonious industrial relations and better education for the children of Kenya.


Cc: Hon Simon Chelugui,

[email protected]

Yours sincerely,

(Rampa gh)

President. AIPTF

Executive Board Member, El

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection-

Dr. Francis Atwoli, Secretary-General. Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Kenya) – [email protected]

Honorable Wilson Sossion, Secretary-General, Kenya National Union of Teachers – [email protected]





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