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Inmates Ready For KCPE Exams

Inmates Ready For KCPE Exams

Two inmates are among the 39 candidates set to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) at the three Kericho GK prisons this year.

Wilfred Kati, Officer-in-Charge of the prison and Assistant Commissioner of Prisons (ACP), stated in an interview with KNA that prisoners are encouraged to return to school upon conviction.

He said he was sure the prisoners would do well and pointed out that the Prisons Department had kept giving the education program its full support.

“A total of 39 prisoners from Kericho GK prisons will be sitting for the 2022 KCPE. Twenty prisoners are from Kericho GK Prison, thirteen are from Kericho GK Medium Prison and six are from Kericho GK Women Prison. I am positive they will perform well since their trained teachers have adequately prepared them for the national examinations,” he said.

Kati says that education is integral to getting prisoners back into society because it helps them become better people.

Those who do well on the national exam will be moved to prisons where they can continue their secondary school education.

A senior welfare officer named Joseph Maritim said that ignorance is one of the main reasons people do bad things and that prisoner education is essential for rehabilitation and reducing recidivism.

“If you randomly check most of the crimes committed are due to illiteracy, and education for prisoners will help them know the outside world and save them from relapsing to their vices,” said Maritim.

After exams and results, those who will succeed will be transferred to different prisons.

“Women will be transferred to Nakuru Women’s Prison, while the men will be transferred to Naivasha or Kamiti Maximum Prisons, where they will continue with their secondary school education,” said Kati.

Evans Kamau Mwangi, who used to be a teacher and now works as a prison warden, said that the prisoners were ready for the national exam because they had finished the curriculum.

He was optimistic that they would perform better than last year’s class of Kericho inmates who took the KCPE while incarcerated.

“I am confident that this year we shall have a mean score of 250, unlike last year were we had 209 marks.

“The best inmate scored 307 marks, and this year we hope the best student will attain 350 marks and above. We are well prepared and good to go,” said Mwangi.

Ezra Kiprono Ngetich, 35, from Bomet County, serving a life sentence for murder at the prison facility, expressed confidence that he would perform well because he had adequately reviewed the material.

“I am confident that I will excel in my KCPE and score 300 marks and above. I had a lot of anger issues and this is what led me to commit this offense in 2012 and was convicted in 2017. I opted to go back school after dropping out in class seven and this has helped me in my anger management,” said Ngetich.

Geoffrey Kibet Kirui, 41, from Kericho County, was convicted of defilement in June 2017 and sentenced to life in prison. He stated that he returned to school shortly after his conviction and was hopeful that he would be pardoned and become a better person to serve the community.

This year’s KCPE examination will be administered between November 28 and 30.

Inmates Ready For KCPE Exams


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