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I Will End Exam Cheating if Approved – Ezekiel Machogu

I Will End Exam Cheating if Approved – Ezekiel Machogu

Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary nominee for Education, vowed on Saturday to deal decisively with exam cheating if he is confirmed as education chief.

Machogu stated that tough conversations with stakeholders will take place in order to improve education standards in the country.

“This would mark my first assignment. There shall be no cases of exam cheating. Surveillance must be intense to curb this vice and I must start having discussions with teachers across Gusii,” he said.

The former Nyaribari Masaba MP was speaking at a ceremony honoring Bishop Mairura’s 35 years of service.

Kisii Governor Simba Arati, Senator Richard Onyonka, MPs Alfa Miruka (Bomachoge Chache), Japhet Nyakundi (Kitutu Chache North), and dozens of Catholic priests accompanied Machogu.

Machogu was in Kisii to represent President Will Ruto at the Gusii Stadium commemorative event.

He assured residents that the president has good intentions for the region and is committed to ensuring that all development pledges made during the campaigns are fulfilled.

“He sent me here to tell you that he remembers everything he had promised to you,” he said.

Machogu, on the other hand, cited the dysfunctional government they inherited with empty coffers as one bottleneck they are attempting to overcome.

“This notwithstanding we will look for funds to meet the aspirations and development needs of our country,” said Machogu.

On the Competency Based Curriculum, Machogu assured students preparing for junior secondary exams that they would be unaffected, adding that transition plans are in place.

In terms of university education, Machogu stated that once in office, he will put the university funding board into action to address funding disparities among state universities.

Governor Arati reaffirmed his willingness to collaborate with President Ruto for the benefit of residents. He stated that he will work with all residents, regardless of voting patterns.

“Nobody would be left out. We have already started this journey together,” he told the hundreds of congregants who turned up for the event.

Majority Chief Whip Sylvanus Osoro, for his part, thanked the community for its unwavering support for the Kenya Kwanza government and promised more national positions in the coming weeks.

I Will End Exam Cheating if Approved – Ezekiel Machogu


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