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How To Write An Impressive CV

How To Write An Impressive CV

Imagine spending days, weeks, or even months working on your CV, trying to perfect it to fit your dream job. Then an organisation looks at it for a few seconds and makes its decision.

Fact is, employers, get thousands of applications every day. They have no time to go through all the CVs and will only choose the most suitable. This means that your CV should make a huge impact.

How To Write An Impressive CV

If the employer cannot locate what they are looking for in your CV in a few seconds, you can be guaranteed that your possibilities of going into the interview stage are zero.

The secret is to grab the employer’s impression before they even see you. Here is how to do it.
How To Write A High Impression CV

  • The employer should see job-related information first
    Every profession has its sole requirements and qualifications. Some jobs feature on the academic qualifications, some on working experience while others will be exploring a particular set of skills.

Go through the work description and ascertain what the organisation is looking for and let that be what they see first.

  • Concentrate on the best keywords when writing the CV
    Keywords are a remarkable set of phrases associated with the industry. If you want to progress through to the interview step the interviewer wants to see these keywords on your CV unless you will simply end up in the reject heap.

How do you determine which keywords to use?
Go back to the job specification. There are specific sets of catchwords and phrases that are repetitious. Those are your keywords.

If your CV lacks the specific set of keywords the employer is looking for, then you are believably not the best applicant for the job.

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  • Make sure that your CV format is presentable
    Feature a presentable format in your CV. Don’t use bigger fonts just because you want your CV to appear longer. This will be a big turn-off.
    Place yourself in the employer’s shoes. Would you go through your CV if you were the employer? These are the critical questions you should ask yourself to determine if your CV is impressive.
  • Ensure that your accomplishments stand out
    When applying for any job, know that other people are also applying for the same, and some are even more qualified than you. Your successes are what set you aside from the crowd. You may be having a good CV and have all the skills that an organization is looking for but if you fail to highlight your achievements, your CV matches just another document in the pack.

Companies are curious about what you have accomplished rather than what you have done. It doesn’t matter if you have been head of a school for 4 years, show the employer what you have achieved in those four years.

How To Write An Impressive CV


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