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How To Decide The Best Medical Insurance Cover in Kenya Plan

Medical Insurance Cover

Today we are going to guide you on how To Pick the Best Medical Cover in Kenya Plan for you and your family?

There are many Insurance companies selling health insurance packages and choosing a cover can really be a hurdle to many young families looking for an ideal cover.

How To Select the Best Medical Insurance Cover in Kenya Plan

One of the biggest challenges is selecting a suitable package, one has to go through the jargon-laden policy wordings full of conditions and exclusions, overcome the cultural perception of Health insurance as a luxury and carefully consider the glaring trust gap between the insurer and insured in order to buy a simple and the Best Medical Cover in Kenya plan.

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Despite all these and the price tag that don’t always align with the personal budgetary allocation, there are a few basic considerations you should make before buying a health insurance plan. These are discussed below:

Focus on Your Family Health Concerns

Before buying your Best Medical Cover in Kenya plan for your family, consider their current concerns and needs.

These can include age as most insurance products have their premiums linked to the age of the family members. Also, consider present ailments, if any, as well as the family’s medical history.

Are there any recurrent but manageable conditions such as Asthma, diabetes, hypertension and others?

These are usually categorised as chronic conditions as they are not permanently curable. Further, check for any pre-existing diseases/conditions such as cancer, tumours, or surgery that predisposes the family member to infections and risk of reoccurrence.

What is the Favorable Benefits and Cover Limits? 

At the time of selecting your Best Medical Cover in Kenya plans, one should select the amount (cover limit) wisely as it covers the medical expenses for a whole year.

One might consider that the younger they are, the lower the sum insured they need and vice-versa which is not necessarily true.

The actual cover limit for the different benefits should be driven by your family health concerns more than your budgetary capacity. Lower limits have the risk of being depleted fast due to the ever-increasing cost of standard of care.

Most benefits have sub-limits of capped/bundled benefits such as pre-existing, cataract, first-ever emergency caesarean section, etc. put these benefits on a comparative scale when finalizing your selection of benefits.

What is the Claim Process?

It should be easier and quicker when it comes to the settlement of the claims. Also, look at the customer support of the insurance company since great customer service is an added advantage the insured should look for.

Here, referrals from known people help and getting some research done on the institution would go a long way.

Consider Key Maternity benefits

It is essential for women to buy a health insurance plan that offers maternity gains. For maternity benefits, one should look into the waiting period suited for claiming maternity expenses and consider the sub-limit.

The policy should also cover outpatient costs and check for cuts related to the policy.

Look at Post hospitalization Aspects

After hospitalization, unusual expenses may occur—the expenses include follow up with the doctor, medicines to be taken and many others. Select an insurance plan which covers these aspects too.

What Do They Consider during Renewal?

Before purchasing health insurance, study the policies which offer renewal options past the retirement age.

There is a greater chance of suffering from diseases and illnesses when you are old compared to when you are young—a health policy that offers senior age coverage is what you should buy.

Medical Check-up

Look for a health insurance company in Kenya that insures the person for a free medical check-up if required at the inception of cover or renewal time. This reduces the extra costs involved in obtaining a cover.

Evacuation Options

You should consider a health insurance company in Kenya which covers both air and road evacuations. Still, evacuation charges do take more from the total assured right before hospitalization charges.

One should choose an evacuation cover that is affordable to get and do not deplete your medical cover limits when needed most.

Budgetary considerations?

A health insurance plan is your most reliable relief during times of medical emergencies either accidental or illness, therefore budgeting for it is always the most useful practice.

Once you have examined all the above, ensure you don’t break the bank to obtain cover.

Have a payment plan if you can’t raise the whole amount at a go. Many banks such as Co-operative, I&M Bank and others do offer a good Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) for all.

Cheap is forever expensive so do not run into an offer without analysing all the above just being managed by the premium.

Also, inquire if there are any other costs that you will be asked to pay other than the premium.

Lastly, if your family can manage the outpatient conditions and costs, then chose a lower outpatient limit or do away with it so as to spend more on the inpatient limit.



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