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How To Apply for a Replacement of KCPE or KCSE Certificates in Kenya

How To Apply for a Replacement of KCPE or KCSE Certificates in Kenya

KCPE and KCSE certificates are important documents for students who have completed their primary and secondary education in Kenya. These certificates act as proof of completion of these levels of education and are required when applying for jobs, higher education, and other important purposes.

However, sometimes these certificates may be lost, damaged or stolen. In such cases, it is important to apply for a replacement certificate. This article will guide you on how to apply for a replacement of KCPE or KCSE certificates in Kenya.

The Kenya National Examinations Council [KNEC] began fulfilling the policy of replacement of certificates for candidates who sat for KNEC and lost the certificate due to various circumstances.

Kindly note that Replacement for the certificate is issued once only. Applicants MUST ensure that their certificate is LOST or DESTROYED before applying for a replacement.

The following are the easiest procedures on how to replace your lost/damaged KCPE/ KCSE certificates.

Need for the KCPE and KCSE Certificate

  • The certificates are evidence that one has obtained Primary or Secondary education in Kenya.
  • The certificates are important for applying for admission to higher levels of education such as tertiary levels
  • The certificates are required during job applications and placements.

Documents needed for the application of lost KCSE or KCSE Certificate in Kenya.

  • KCSE/KCPE Result slip or copy of the certificate. Mandatory
  • Recommendation letter from the headteacher of the school attended or from County Education Officer (CEO) or the Sub-County Education Officer (SCEO)
  •  For private candidates or for those whose schools closed down should address their case to KNEC; [Original Mandatory]
  • Sworn legal affidavit on the identity of the applicant; [Original Mandatory]
  • Letter of recommendation from employer to KNEC
  • Police Abstract showing loss of certificate; Report should be made at the point of loss. [Original mandatory]
  • Copy of Identification Card [ID] or Passport or Birth Certificate for underaged. The name on Birth Certificate/ID Must tally with those used in the documentation of your examination documents. Those who have changed their names legitimately should attach the legal records used in changing their names. E.g. marriage certificate for women or the copy of Gazette the changed name appears. [Mandatory]. Kindly note that application with varying Examination information will not be processed.
  • KNEC bank deposit slip; Original Compulsory

The fees expected for the Replacement Certificate is Ksh5,000/= plus an additional 16% VAT Ksh800/- totalling to Ksh5,800 per certificate. The fees must be paid at KNEC group of accounts in any branch of the following banks:

  1. Equity Bank
  2. Kenya Commercial Bank[KNEC deposit bank slips are available in these banks]
  3. Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  4. National Bank of Kenya

Procedure on how to apply for a replacement of a KCSE or KCPE certificate in Kenya.

Apply In-Person

  • Applicants are expected to fill the KNEC Certificate Replacement Form
  • You can get the form from the KNEC Archives and Records Offices directly downloaded from KNEC official website: KNEC Online
  • Accurately fill in the information required and attach the appropriate documents to accompany the form and submit to the Council Secretary/Chief Executive of the Kenya National Examinations Council.
  • The certificates will be ready for collection after the duration of sixty working days from the Kenya National Examination Council offices.
  • The certificate to be replaced should be personally collected by the owner by presenting the original passport/ID. Minors are to be accompanied by one of the parents with the original ID.
  • Certificates that will not have been collected within 2 years from the date of application will be disposed off without further communication and No refund.

How To Apply for a Replacement of KCPE or KCSE Certificates in Kenya

tep 1: Obtain an application form

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To apply for a replacement certificate, you need to obtain an application form. This form is available online on the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) website, at the KNEC offices, or at the Ministry of Education offices.

You can also download the form from the KNEC website, fill it out and print it.

Step 2: Fill out the application form

Once you have obtained the application form, you need to fill it out with the required information.

The information required includes your full name, examination index number, the year you sat for the examination, the name of the examination center where you sat for the examination, and your personal details such as your ID or passport number, date of birth, and current address.

Step 3: Attach the required documents

After filling out the application form, you need to attach the required documents. These documents include a copy of your national ID or passport, a police abstract if the certificate was lost or stolen, and a bank slip indicating payment of the replacement fee.

The replacement fee for a KCPE or KCSE certificate is Kshs 5,550. The bank slip should be obtained from any branch of the National Bank of Kenya and should indicate the account name as “KNEC – REPLACEMENTS” and the account number as “01003058563400”.

Step 4: Submit the application form and documents

Once you have filled out the application form and attached the required documents, you need to submit them to the KNEC offices or the Ministry of Education offices.

You can also submit the application form and documents online through the KNEC website. If you submit the application form and documents in person, you will be given a receipt as proof of submission.

Step 5: Wait for the replacement certificate

After submitting the application form and documents, you need to wait for the replacement certificate to be processed.

The processing time for a replacement certificate is approximately three months from the date of submission. However, this time may vary depending on the workload at KNEC.

Step 6: Collect the replacement certificate

Once the replacement certificate is ready, you will be notified through an SMS or email. You can then collect the replacement certificate from the KNEC offices or the Ministry of Education offices.

You will be required to present the receipt you were given when you submitted the application form and documents as proof of payment.

Waiting period

After completing the paperwork to replace a lost KCSE or KCPE certificate, you must wait sixty working days to collect the new documents.

Likewise, certificates can only be obtained from KNEC offices. Applicants must present a valid ID when they arrive at the office.

Minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians, and birth certificates and original identification must be presented.

You can check the status of your application by logging into the KNEC Query Management Information System (QMIS).

Certificates that have been replaced must be collected within two years of their application.

If you are unable to do so, the document will be discarded without consultation.

Office Locations and Contacts of Kenya National Examination Council, KNEC

KNEC Head Office- Nairobi

National Housing Corporation (NHC) House,

Aga Khan Walk


P.O. Box: 73598- 00200,



Tel: +254 020 3317412 / 3317413 / 3317419 / 3317427 / 3341027 /3341050 / 3341071 / 3341098 / 3341113 / 2213381

Mobile: 0720741001/0732333860

Fax: +254-020- 2226032

Email contact: [email protected]

Website: Website

National Bank Building

Harambee Avenue

Tel: +254 – 020 246919 / 020-247204

Ex-telecoms House, 3rd floor

Haile Selassie Avenue,

Tel: +254 -020 2211545/6/7

Mitihani House

Dennis Pritt Road,Kilimani

Tel:+254 – 020 2713874 / 020-2713894 / 020-2713845; 020-2715980 / 020-2711536

Industrial Area Offices,

Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch,

Likoni Road.

Tel:+254 – 020 650821 / 020-650822

Email: i[email protected] .

Required Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • Full index Number
  • Address and contact information
  • Year of examination
  • School or Examination Center
  • Name of the Examination KCPE/KCSE, KCE, CPE
  • National ID
  • Year of examination
  • Proof of payment
  • Applicant signature

Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For KCSE/KCPE Certificate Replacements In Kenya.

  • Do not provide cheques. KNEC won’t accept
  • Deposit bank slips MUST be submitted to KNEC within 12 months from the date of deposit, later than that it will be another story.
  • Post schools examinations [Business and Technical; Modular courses] copies of results slip for all modules sat must be attached.
  • Applicants must ensure that their certificates are lost or destroyed before applying for a replacement.
  • Money paid is not refundable in under any circumstances.
  • Incomplete application forms will not be processed. More equerries may be directed to the Council Secretary/Chief Executive, Kenya National Examination Council, Attention: Head of Section Archives and Records.

How To Apply for a Replacement of KCPE or KCSE Certificates in Kenya.

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