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How State Made Education CS Nominee Machogu A Millionaire

How State Made Education CS Nominee Machogu A Millionaire

Ezekiel Machogu, the Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) nominee, has revealed how a wrongful fraud charge filed against him by the State netted him Ksh.14 million in compensation.

Machogu was wrongfully charged in 2003 with deceiving a tender board into awarding a Ksh.166 million road contract.

The issue was raised by Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, who conducted a brief background check on Machogu during vetting as the CS nominee introduced himself to members of the National Assembly’s Committee on Appointments.

In response to the allegations, Machogu stated that the case was dismissed by a Nairobi court after it was determined that he was wrongfully accused of the offense.

It was 1998, and Machogu was working as a district commissioner (DC) in Busia. Machogu chaired Busia’s Tender Board Committee due to his position as DC.

“The board used to comprise all heads of departments and anything that a head of department or a ministry wanted to be discussed would have to be initiated through the district procurement officers. So a request came in from the district public works officer to have funds released for a certain road to be gravelled,” said Machogu.

Machogu, as chair of the tender committee, then recommended the same to the Ministry of Public Works, and the contract was signed by the Public Works and Finance PSs, according to him.

Five years later, Machogu, who was then a DC in Mombasa, was arrested and accused of requesting the funds despite the fact that the Finance PS had allegedly waived the road repairs contract.

“When I insisted that I was in court wrongfully, the prosecution claimed that I arbitrarily convened and chaired the tender board.”

According to Machogu, despite being the committee’s chair, he had no authority to call the meeting, insisting that the responsibility belonged to the committee’s secretary, who he claims sent him an invitation.

“The other thing that I had to prove to the court was that the person who was supposed to chair the tender board was actually the DC and also that I was not an impostor from anywhere,” he said.

“So the court, after investigations, said Machogu had no case and because of the government’s malicious prosecution I was paid Ksh.10 million. This actually accrued interest to Ksh.14 million. I was not a millionaire but the State made me one.”

How State Made Education CS Nominee Machogu A Millionaire


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