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How Fomer CS George Magoha Tamed Exam Cheating

How Fomer CS George Magoha Tamed Exam Cheating

George Magoha, a dedicated public servant, had a feeling that his time was coming and he was content.

Throughout his illustrious career, he held the positions of Chairman of the Kenya National Examinations (KNEC) and Cabinet Secretary for Education, where he worked tirelessly to eliminate cheating in exams.

Magoha served as the KNEC Chairman from 2016 to 2019, and then was appointed to the cabinet as the CS for Education.

His strong and decisive nature led to his appointment as KNEC Chairman, where he took on the task of restoring integrity to the organization, which had been criticized for failing to address cheating in exams.

Additionally, he battled against groups that were making large sums of money by leaking exam questions to candidates and school administrators.

As the Cabinet Minister of Education, Magoha continued implementing his exam cheating reforms and cleaning up the education sector.

He aims to crack down on examination center managers who register extra candidates and plans to hold them accountable for any cheating that occurs.

He also revealed that the ministry was aware of a scheme involving “a clique of rogue teachers and examination center managers” who were leaking examination papers during the opening of exam containers.

Parents were warned of severe consequences if they were found to be colluding with exam officials, teachers, or students in cheating.

Magoha used the example of Nyatike in Migori County, where teachers and an exam official were found to be aiding cheating.

He also called out legislators for not being truthful about their academic qualifications in the upcoming 2022 elections.

“I, Magoha, son of Magoha, will not fight to say I am not what I am not, and am not targeting anybody. It is very shameful that people who want to be our leaders, and they are many of them, are fighting to prove that,” he remarked.

How Fomer CS George Magoha Tamed Exam Cheating


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