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How Female Students Are Swindled By Tinder Romance Fraudsters

How Female Students Are Swindled By Romance Fraudsters

Tinder scammers prey on clueless female students who are looking for love.

Dating websites are becoming a less time-consuming way of finding love.

Be it on dating sites or wherever you meet someone, some people in modern dating are looking for love, marriage, or casual relationships, while others have ulterior motives.

According to Nation.Africa, Nyeri polytechnic female students have been big victims of tinder swindlers.

To gain compliance from their victims, romance fraudsters employ a variety of skillful grooming techniques, social engineering practices, and psychological abuse tactics.

They are driven to a fast-food restaurant where the man, as usual, orders meals for them and as they are busy eating, the swindlers take their phones and leave, leaving them to foot the restaurant bill.

Most of them are conned and duped out of their mobile phones while on their first date with a man.

According to police, cases of women being conned in the name of love are on the rise in Nyeri and its environs, with most victims failing to report due to the shame associated with it.

The police stated that it is difficult for them to track down the suspects because the victims have no background information on the suspects, and people can lie about their identity even if it is online.

They also stated that victims do not usually follow up on cases after reporting them.

Police have noted that people often associate this with being drugged or charmed, but there is no such thing as being charmed because these people simply play with the victims’ psychology while they are focused on finding love.

Nyeri County Police Commander Steve Oloo advised ‘lovers’ to exercise caution.

He warned that “the moment your date, who is apparently supposed to be focused on knowing you on your first date, starts to be busy on phone calls, that should be a sign that they have ulterior motives”.

“Because who goes on their first date with a dead phone?” he wondered.

“Because who even goes on their first date with a low-battery phone?” he asked.

He cited several women who were arrested after luring some men to their home in a nearby estate and robbing them.

How Female Students Are Swindled By Tinder Romance fraudsters


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