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Babu Announces Mega Demonstration Over HELB Delays

Babu Announces Mega Demonstration Over HELB Delays

Following the delay in Helb funds, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has announced that he will lead a mega demonstration on Thursday.

Owino claimed on Friday that university students are unable to purchase food due to the Treasury and Helb’s failure to distribute funds to students.

“Release HELB to COMRADES or WE Release on you. Comrades to prepare for mega Demonstrations across the country next week on THURSDAY should TREASURY and HELB refuse to Disburse MONEY to the University students. Students are dying of Hunger,” Owino said.

He stated in a video posted on his Twitter that without Helb, students will be unable to attend classes or secure housing.

“We are giving them at most seven days or less…

we shall hold a mother of all demonstration in this country and it is better imagined than experienced. All roads will be closed, the business will be unusual in this nation,” Owino said.

The MP, who is serving his first term, has asked all universities in the country to be prepared for the mass demonstrations.

He also stated that the demonstration will send a strong message to the government for failing to respond to the university students’ outcry.

As a result, he urged all students across the country to mobilize in large numbers and ensure that this demonstration is a success.  The protest he said will be peaceful. 

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” I urge the police to be peaceful, let them not start rioting as usual. Let them not start lobbying teargas at students which will cause unnecessary unrest.”

In 2019, the MP threatened to hold protests to force the resignation of NSSF chairperson General Julius Karangi and Ministry of Lands officials due to incompetence.

According to Owino, despite selling its land to residents for nearly 15 years, NSSF had not issued title deeds to the locals.

Babu Announces Mega Demonstration Over HELB Delays



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