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Grade 6 Transition to Cost Government Sh160bn

Grade 6 Transition to Cost Government Sh160bn.

The decision to keep Grade 6 students in primary schools will cost the government around Sh160 billion.

President William Ruto ordered the addition of an additional classroom and laboratory to each primary school.

Constructing laboratories could be covered for primary schools adjacent to secondary schools.

According to certain school contractors, the government spends approximately Sh5 million to construct and outfit one laboratory.

“Setting up the four walls with nothing inside is around Sh1.2 million,” the contractor said.

A working laboratory for biology, physics, or chemistry requires several components.

There are currently around 24,000 public primary schools.

The government would spend approximately Sh120 billion to construct labs for all 24,000 schools.

However, excluding primary schools adjacent to senior schools could bring the total to approximately 19,000

This reduces the cost to Sh95 million as a result.

Constructing classrooms for the schools, however, would cost Sh24 billion.

Under the administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta, classroom building costs between Sh788,000 and Sh1.26 million per unit.

The government will then spend Sh24 billion on classroom building, assuming a standard cost of Sh1 million.

The state has requested that members of Congress use CDF funds to help construct and provide additional facilities for students throughout the transition period.

In addition, due to projected congestion and a lack of learning tools, the government has mandated that adjacent primary and secondary schools share laboratory resources.

In addition, the government will hire 30,000 instructors the next month to solve shortages.

Existing and new teachers who instruct students in seventh grade will receive training to retool them to equip them.

The state has ordered the Ministry of Education, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, and Teachers Service Commission to “work on procedures for expediting the retooling of teachers to guarantee that the country has a sufficient number of CBC-compliant educators.”

Priority will be given to teachers who will be responsible for seventh-grade students.

The students who are on vacation will return to school on January 28.

Parents should be involved

President William Ruto has stated that his daughter also pressures him to help with homework.

“I have pressure from my daughter every evening, asking me to assist in assignments,” he said. 

Friday, at State House in Nairobi, the President spoke during the inauguration of principal secretaries.

He pushed parents to participate in their children’s education.

“We must know that the education of our children is not entirely the responsibility of our teachers but from parents as well. Assist them in their homework and work with them, so that you may understand that it’s too much to ask,” he said. 

Ruto stated that the Curriculum-Based Competency method had involved parents in their children’s education to enable them to continue their education.

“I don’t think it’s right for us as parents to just dump our children in schools. It’s our responsibility to follow through their education and assist them as they go through the process of learning,” he said. 

The Presidential Working Group on Education Reform proposed on Thursday that the final Grade 6 evaluation not be utilized to determine placement in Junior Secondary Schools.

Stakeholders stated in the study that the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment will be utilized to track student development.

“It will be used as an assessment to monitor learning progress and provide feedback to education sector players on areas that require intervention.”

The task committee also desires that junior secondary students reside in existing primary schools.

“The construction of laboratories will be prioritized within the next year. Members of Parliament are asked to work towards providing support for the extra facilities,” the statement read

Grade 6 Transition to Cost Government Sh160bn.


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