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Grade 3 dies after being raped by her 36-year-old teacher teacher

A grade 3 girl, Agnes, has lost a three-day battle for her life at Kakamega County Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. This is after the young girl was defiled by her teacher Peter Abucheli who was supposed to be her protector.

The suspect, who is also the girl’s neighbour and an untrained teacher at a private school in Kakamega, is accused of preying on and defiling her on January 15.

According to the girl’s mother, Elizabeth her daughter was found to have been defiled when her elder sister was bathing her. She was bleeding from her private parts, something that scared the sister.

“We asked her what had happened but she could only cry. Later she opened up saying the suspect warned her not to tell anyone about what he had done to her. She told me that the suspect had promised to give her Sh1,000 if she didn’t tell anyone about what had happened.” said Elizabeth.

Her mother reported the matter at the Kakamega Central Police Station and took her daughter to the hospital, but the doctors and nurses strike complicated the situation.

“She did not receive medical attention due to the strike. My daughter could sleep during the day but scream at night complaining of chest, neck and stomach pain and persistent headache. We took her to several health facilities hoping she would get better. However, she was only given painkillers even as her condition deteriorated,” said the mother.

“We pushed for the arrest of the suspect and we are still following the case until justice is done,” says Emily Maranga, Groots Kenya officer in charge of gender-based violence.

The little angel prayed for her mother and even predicted her death.

“When she had prayed for me, she requested me to pray for her and after the prayers, she bid me farewell. She closed her eyes and developed breathing complications. We rushed her to St Elizabeth Mukumu Hospital and then to Kakamega Referral Hospital where she was admitted to the ICU,” said Elizabeth as she recalled the incident.

The teacher was arrested charged with defiling a minor and causing her grievous bodily harm with the case waiting to be heard on March 24, this year.


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