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Govt to Distribute Sh17,423,514 Grade 7 Textbooks

Govt to Distribute Sh17,423,514 Grade 7 Textbooks

On Friday, the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu officially launched the national Grade 7 textbook distribution exercise.

The event took place at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and was presided over by Machogu himself.

During the launch, he announced that primary schools will be receiving Sh17,423,514 worth of textbooks for Grade 7 students next week.

Every student will receive one textbook for each core subject and any optional subjects they choose to take.

 “Schools should take care of books as there will be no other supply for a period of four years,”  he stated.

The government has invested a significant amount of money, Sh3.1 billion, into the distribution of these textbooks.

Additionally, the ministry of education has revealed plans to reduce the number of subjects studied by Grade 7 students.

According to the basic education curriculum framework, students will now study 12 core subjects and two optional ones.

Machogu stated that the presidential working party on education reforms will be releasing their final guidelines in less than two weeks. He said, “We will be able to issue a final guideline about the particular area.”

The KICD CEO, Charles Ongondo, also spoke at the launch and thanked the ministry of education for their guidance in the approval of these books.

He said that the launch marks a significant step forward in the implementation of a competency-based curriculum.

He added that the development of curriculum support materials is a stakeholder process, involving input from a variety of sources.

Ongondo also emphasized that the books being launched have been evaluated according to international standards and that the KICD welcomes feedback from users, including students, teachers, and parents, to use during the review and necessary adjustments. With this launch, the government is taking steps to improve the education system in Kenya and ensure that students have access to the necessary materials to succeed in their studies.

Govt to Distribute Sh17,423,514 Grade 7 Textbooks


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