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Govt Launces School Guidance And Counselling Policy

Govt Launces School Guidance And Counselling Policy

The Ministry of Education in Kenya has introduced a Guidance and Counselling Policy for schools with the aim of promoting student learning and providing a safe environment for their growth and development.

The policy is aimed at addressing distractions that can negatively impact students’ behavior, school attendance, and overall well-being.

The policy will be used as a tool for teachers and other stakeholders to help students avoid risky behaviors, such as drug and substance abuse and radicalization, that could negatively affect their studies and growth.

State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education Director General, Dr. Elyas Abdi, emphasized the importance of creating a robust guidance and counselling framework at the school level to protect students from negative influences.

He spoke at the launch of the policy at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, where the Director for Policy and Partnership, Mr. Chacha Mwita, was in attendance.

Dr. Abdi emphasized that for meaningful learning to take place, children need a safe environment both at home and at school.

In some cases, schools serve as a sanctuary for children and it’s important to open lines of communication between the administration and students, to ensure students feel comfortable to share their problems with teachers in charge of guidance and counselling services.

A strong guidance and counselling program in schools can also help address unrest and improve the overall functioning of the school.

However, Dr. Abdi also acknowledged that it’s important to establish systems to address the psychological needs of teachers, who also face personal challenges and need institutional care to be able to work effectively.

The launch of the Guidance and Counselling Policy was attended by education stakeholders and partners involved in child protection and development.

Govt Launces School Guidance And Counselling Policy


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