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Government to train 6,000 teachers on 4K club.

The Ministry Of Agriculture has put in place an implementation framework that will guide operations of the newly rebranded 4k clubs in the country.

Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Anne Nyaga said they will focus more on volunteerism to encourage pupils to join and ensure all schools embrace the concept in a phased approach.

On Friday last week president Kenyatta presided over the relaunch of the country’s oldest agricultural platform which existed in public schools.

4k club acronym stands for (Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya) which translates to mean ‘Coming together, to Act, in order to Help Kenya.’ Days after the launch the Ministry of Agriculture has hit the ground running in ensuring the once-popular club becomes a permanent feature in schools.

“We’ve developed a 4k clubs website that we have populated with all the materials that the schools need to be able to guide them in terms of the activities.” The Ministry CAS Ann Nyaga said.

With an implementation framework already in place, the ministry is developing structures at the county level to reach out to as many schools as possible at the very onset.

“We want to build the capacity of the teachers and the model that we want to incorporate here is we build the capacity of about 6 000 teachers or the clubs and then once we set up credible models from these clubs then it is expected that these schools will also be able to adopt five other schools from their locality.” She continued.

4k clubs were popular in the 80s and the early 90s. Primary school going children learned skills such as the growing of crops and rearing of livestock such as rabbits. The concept however died in the mid-90s.

The government has expanded the scope of the new 4k club to cover climate change nova diseases, environmental conservation, healthy living as well as civic engagement.

“Our target is to have 4k clubs in all the schools in the country but of course we are doing it in a fixed approach so that we want to reach 20 percent of the schools in about three years.” Said Nyaga.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the revival of 4k clubs aims to usher in a new generation of techno-savvy agricultural players who are expected to revolutionize every aspect of agriculture in the country.



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