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Government to hire over 3000 tutors

Government to hire over 3000 tutors

The government intends to hire over 3,000 technical training institute trainers.

Margaret Mwakima, Principal Secretary for Vocational and Technical Training, did not specify when the recruitment would take place.

Following an increase in enrolment in recent years, hiring will be beneficial to institutions facing a shortage.

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Middle-level colleges are expected to benefit from the government’s decision to hire 3,000 tutors. The PS spoke at the Thika Technical Training Institute graduation ceremony on Wednesday.

The PS acknowledged that TVETs across the country were facing challenges such as a lack of tutors and facilities, but stated that the government was working to address the shortages.

Mwakima stated that increasing the number of technical training institutes from 52 to 238 has cost the government Sh10.6 billion over the last nine years.

She stated that the government had provided Sh10.3 billion to TVET institutions and an additional Sh11.1 billion to trainees through the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), with the funds increasing enrolment from 55,945 in 2013 to 249,316 in 2021.

Vocational training centres receive a conditional grant of Sh2 billion each financial year. According to the PS, the government is investing in modernizing and expanding institutions to meet the country’s human resource needs for industrialization.

“We have transitioned to competency-based curriculum to better prepare students for the world of work,” she explained.

Mwakima stated that the government has collaborated with Germany through the German Agency for International Cooperation to launch new auto bodybuilding and welding course at Thika TTI.

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Thika TTI Principal Hannah Mburu stated that the institution, which was founded in 1949, has grown from five to 80 courses.

The institution has also been tasked with mentoring upcoming technical and vocational colleges such as Murang’a, Kiharu, Gichugu, and Mwea.

“Thika TTI has experienced tremendous growth in enrolment, with the September 2021 intake alone realising 4,621 new trainees. The total enrolment has increased to 11,744 students,” said Mburu.

This year, 3,000 trainers have been recruited through the Public Service Commission to complement the rollout of the Competency-based Education and Training (CBET) and the establishment of the new TVCs is ongoing at a cost of Kenya shillings 2 billion.

Government to hire over 3000 tutors


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