Friday, December 2, 2022
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Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna Speaks On Free Covid-19 Vaccines To Teachers

The first target group for the Covid-19 vaccine is teachers and it will be provided for free. This is according to Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna. Mr. Oguna noted that the vaccine will arrive in the country early next year.

He said teachers will be in the forefront because they interact with learners on a day to day basis. He revealed that the government will spend about 24 million viles in terms of vaccinating certain selected high-risk individuals.

This group of people he said include the healthcare workers, teachers, members of security forces, and all people vulnerable to covid-19 across the board for the first batch.

He noted that measures have been put in place in all schools to ensure that all learners in every school will be able to get facemask. He also noted that if all schools can deploy handwashing stations to guarantee enough water for handwashing, Covid-19 will be easily controlled.

Mr Oguna said the school desk project was intended to provide schools with more desks for schools so that the idea of social distance can be achieved.






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