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‘Good Wives Come From KU,’ DP Gachagua Says

‘Good Wives Come From KU,’ DP Gachagua Says.

Vice President Rigathi Gachagua said he and his boss, President William Ruto, met their life partners at Kenyatta University.

On Friday, when he presided over the institution’s 52nd graduation Ceremony, Gachagua reflected on his time as a student at the University of Nairobi with President Ruto.

He recalled how, at the time, his peers would go to KU, which he stated boasted of beautiful and charming ladies, as he mentioned both the first and second Rachael Ruto and Dorcas Rigathi, who are graduates of the University.

“The president and I have an emotional attachment to this institution. Many years ago when we were at the University of Nairobi, there was a common agreement among all of us that if you wanted a good wife you go to KU… I don’t know whether that is still true today,” Gachagua said amidst applause.

“Back in the year 1987, I took bus number 45 to hang around here, looking around. We would go to KU and spend some time there. 

“Tukitegea tegea na kuangaliangalia. Nikatembea Ruwenzori hall, nikaangalia nikapata msichana mzuri, nikamwongelesha vizuri na kukariria poem kidogo… hadi akaingia box.”

He added: “President Ruto also hanged around here, he struggled na si mnajua ni mtu wa mpango, Mama Rachael pia akaingia box. Today she is the first lady of the Republic of Kenya, a product of KU.”

DP Gachagua also lauded the institution by referencing his more than three-decade marriage to Dorcas, which he said exemplified an outstanding companion.

“This University gave me a great wife, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi. I am happy that this University gave me a great wife. I have not been disappointed in the last 33 years, not a single day has she ever run away and she doesn’t have a single scratch,” he said.

“For me and the president, we love this institution because it gave us good things…

At Kenyatta University, both Rachael and Dorcas pursued their bachelor’s degrees.

‘Good Wives Come From KU,’ DP Gachagua Says.


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