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Government Launches Online Game To Protect Children Against Cybercrime

Government Launches Online Game To Protect Children Against Cybercrime.

On Tuesday, the government unveiled a new online game for children in an effort to promote a safer internet environment for them.

Mercy Wanjau, Director of Legal Services at the Communication Authority, launched Cyber Soldjas, a game aimed at children aged four to fourteen, with content that appeals to their curiosity while also instilling moral values.

Wanjau stated that developing content was critical in order to combat harmful materials on the internet that exploit children as they spend more time online.

“The game is aimed at guiding the children through a maze of potential dangers online and also teaching them how to protect their identity, personal data, recognise sites containing harmful content and finally develop a critical approach towards information found on the Internet,” Wanjau said.

The game has five levels based on Internet vulnerabilities and risks such as cybercrime, identity theft, fake news, and catfishing.

“Impacts range from threats to protection of personal data, cyber bullying, harmful online content, grooming for sexual purposes and exploitation,” said Wanjau.

She stated that the program was necessary as a counter-narrative to negative materials because children are spending more time online when learning.

The online game will work in tandem with other previous initiatives, such as Child Online Protection (COP), to make the internet a safer place for children.

To ensure that children and future generations are protected and empowered to thrive in digital environments, the Authority has taken a multi-stakeholder approach.

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“We are committed to work with partners from CAK, the Government and other stakeholders to provide digital skills at a large scale,” she added.

Wanjau launched the material on behalf of the agency’s director-general, Ezra Chiloba, when she presided over the international Safer Internet Day.

In 2004, the European Union Safe Borders project initiated the celebration of the day.

It is now observed in nearly 130 countries around the world.

Communications Authority officials among other key stakeholders from Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) take a photo during the launch of an online game dubbed “Smart Soldjas" on the marking of the World Safer Internet Day at Movenpick Hotel, Westlands on February 8, 2022. /CHARLENE MALWA

Government Launches Online Game To Protect Children Against Cybercrime




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