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Game Of Learners; Facts And What You Should Know

Game Of Learners; Facts And What You Should Know

The Game of Learners (GOL), a Microsoft Africa Development Center (ADC) initiative, engages students directly regardless of their higher education institution.

The primary goal of the program is to provide students with a fun, hands-on learning experience.

GOL, which began as a virtual program, is a program with no boundaries.

It provides a virtual environment in which students learn computer science technologies and put them into practice while creating meaningful solutions for their community.

Volunteers from Microsoft and partners serve as coaches, mentors, judges, speakers, and trainers for all GOL activities.

GOL is structured similarly to a sports league, with a season followed by off-season clinics and exhibitions.

Students who respond to the call to participate are vetted according to the requirements, and if they pass, they are allowed to participate.

Overall, the program gives Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors the opportunity to hone their leadership skills as Team Captains while leading and building impactful solutions with learners.

At the end of the season, one overall winner (team) will be chosen.

Aside from having the winning team featured on the GOL site and social media announcements, participation in the Game of Learners is an opportunity to be a part of a continuous journey in developing and growing their technical skill sets and setting them up for their careers.

Every Wednesday, The Game of Learners airs on the Citizen Digital App, which is available on the Google Appstore.

The show is as follows:

Making the Cut

In this episode, we’ll look at how the participants are chosen and what makes them suitable for the show. Something about them stands out from the rest of the applicants.

Meet the team
Following the selection of participants, we will see how the Captains of the teams are chosen. Where team members get to know one another and choose a team name.

Meeting the challenge

The participants will be briefed on the show’s theme, what is expected of them, and what they are permitted to use as a means of developing a proposition.

Burning the midnight oil
This is the most intense part of the show, as we see the contestants scramble to prepare a presentation for the judges. The captain will lead the participants through the ups and downs of coming up with a solution to the challenge presented to them.

Spirit Week 

This will be a departure from the participants’ usual exercise; we will get to see a fun side of the participants and how they like to spend their free time. This is significant because it provides some relief in the midst of chaos.

Top Pitches
This is the day when the teams must put their heads together and deliver the presentation that they have been working on for weeks. The pitch/presentation in front of the judges will determine whether they make it to the final three teams.


What it takes to be a champion

This is the episode in which we get to know the victorious top team. We’ll also get a sense of how it went, with members coming up with the winning solution and coaches assisting. This is where we’ll see how the team dealt with adversity and worked together to win.

Memorable moments
Here is a recap of some of the most memorable moments from the recently concluded season of the GOL show, as well as some of the moments that did not make it into the final edits of previous episodes.

Game Of Learners; Facts And What You Should Know


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