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form two student killed by neighbour over a land dispute

form two student killed by neighbour over a land dispute

A family in Kapkoy, Kwanza constituency, Trans Nzoia County is mourning the death of their son, who was allegedly murdered by a neighbour.

The form two student at Mwangaza Secondary School is said to have died as a result of head injuries inflicted by said neighbour Ibrahim Namaswa during a land dispute.

Festo Wekesa says that the perpetrator hit his brother on the head multiple times, killing him on the spot before disappearing into thin air.

“My brother died a very painful death in the hands of the beastly man which after committing the act, he ran into hiding,” Wekesa said.

Wekesa went on to say that the family had high hopes for their son and that they are still coming to terms with the unfortunate turn of events.

He added that other family members are afraid for their lives because the suspect is still at large. They have demanded that the suspect be apprehended and arraigned as soon as possible.

“Two years ago the suspect had threatened to teach our family a lifetime lesson, we reported the matter to Kwanza police station, but the police officers did not act. Our lives are now in danger because the culprit has not been arrested,” he added.

Kwanza Sub County Police Commander James Odero confirmed the incident and stated that police officers have already begun a manhunt for the suspect in preparation for further legal action.

Odero urged members of the public who disagreed to consider alternative dispute resolution mechanisms rather than resorting to violence to resolve their differences.

“Resorting to violence that can lead to death, particularly in disputes over land ownership, is not appropriate,” he added.

The deceased’s body has been transported to the Kitale County Referral Hospital morgue, where it will be autopsied.

form two student killed by neighbour over a land dispute


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