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Form 1 Placements Out Today

Form 1 Placements Out Today.

The long-awaited Form One selection will be released today.

On Friday, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha stated that candidates who sat for the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams will know the secondary schools they have been placed in today.

Prof Magoha stated during an inspection of completed Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms in Gilgil and Naivasha sub-counties that the placement was fair.

He urged parents to be satisfied with the schools in which their children were placed, promising that they would be taught by qualified teachers.

“I can now confirm that by today, parents will know where their children have been placed,” Magoha said.

He promised that bright and needy students would be placed in good schools, with the majority of them receiving scholarships.

Magoha stated that his office was aware of needy cases, including a letter from Baringo lawyer Fridah Lotuiya pleading with the Ministry for a special selection for Baringo students. He disclosed that President Uhuru Kenyatta had already issued a directive on the subject.

Lotuiya had pleaded with the ministry in her letter to consider offering scholarships to students who had been affected by bandit attacks.

Prof. Magoha stated that the selection criteria will be based on affirmative action and the geographical distribution across the country so that all top students from across the country will be grouped together before being placed in national schools.


“Kenya is a rainbow country. If you come to Kenya High, I would like the top Samburu student to be here who has done her exams in Maralal, not in Nairobi. Then I go to the slums in Kibera and do the same. We shall have affirmative action whether other parents approve or not,” he stated.

On the other hand, he assured that KCSE marking is being done with integrity and that the results will be available by the end of the month.

Form 1 Placements Out Today.


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