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Fire Destroys Dormitory At Mabole Boys Secondary School

Fire Destroys Dormitory At Mabole Boys Secondary School

After their dormitory was damaged by fire on Tuesday night, Form One students at Mabole Boys Secondary School in Butere, Kakamega County, were forced to return home.

This comes just one day after schools reopened for the second term after a one-week break, as the Ministry of Education works to normalize the school calendar.

The 187-boy dormitory reportedly caught fire around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, as students were preparing to sleep after evening preps.

The Butere NG-CDF spent Sh5.3 million to construct the building.

All student property, including mattresses, books, and uniforms, was reduced to ashes. Students, teachers, and staff were unable to put out the raging fire.

They used water and 12 fire extinguishers to try to put out the raging blaze. After the fire had caused significant damage, county firefighters arrived.

No injuries were reported in the incident, according to Butere sub-county education officer Joshua Ogola.

He stated that the school’s Board of Management had decided to send the students home while the school arranges alternative housing.

“It is unfortunate that the students lost all their property. We humbly request parents to arrange and give the boys new books, uniforms and mattresses so that they can return and join with their fellows to continue learning,” he said.

Mohamud Hassan, Deputy County Commissioner in Butere, said investigations were underway to determine the cause of the inferno.

A school worker, who we will not name because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said a faulty electrical connection started the fire.

“They had connected electricity cables to a new building with the intention of moving some students there. The cables are suspected to have come into contact, sparking the ignition,” said the source.


Mr Hassan dismissed the rumors, urging the school community to be patient as the investigation continues.

Principal Benson Ogedi stated that order had been restored in the school and that all students were present.

“Learning is going on as usual for Form Two, Three, and Four students. The Form One students will join them in the due course,” Mr Ogedi said.

Fire Destroys Dormitory At Mabole Boys Secondary School


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