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Fear as 10 girls from Kamwangi primary school get possessed by evil spirits

Pupils and parents of Kamwangi primary school in the Gatundu sub-county are living with fear and panic following what they say is a spell of evil spirits that have possessed more than 10 girls in the last few days.

On Tuesday this week, five girls are said to have fallen unconscious in the school compound and began crawling on the ground for almost an hour.

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They were wailing at the same time shouting on the top of their voices in possessed languages in the presence of their parents.

“Kamwangi is one of our primary schools very near this office

and this is the first time we have heard about such an issue. It started last week and we would find a few people’s fall and others behave in a funny way.” Said the Sub-County Director of Education.

The parents had been called for a meeting after another incident on Friday last week that saw six girls getting possessed and falling unconscious on the ground crawling and wailing.

But on Thursday morning about six children got possessed causing a lot of panic to parents. The headteacher invited the parents some of who were pastors in local churches together with the sponsor of the catholic school.

It took the intervention of the area sub-county education officer the school board and some parents who took those affected to the nearby level 4 hospital.

Medical officers assessed the situation and found they had no challenges assuring teachers that all was well.

The Sub-County Director of Education cautioned locals against condemning the school and accusing it of having evil spirits saying they should support the school, assuring them the investigations were ongoing and going forward.

The shocked parents feared that more children could also be

affected by the alleged evil spirits if necessary interventions are not taken in speed.

“There are all kinds of evil things that people will spread but it is wrong to talk about children and especially an institution because it affects the learning even the teaching.” The sub-county director said.

“The parents whose children are affected are also affected so it is wrong to say that there is something sinister about an institution surprisingly all those affected are girls in grade two and grade three.”


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