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Exams Are Ready And Secure: Machogu Assures Credibility

Exams Are Ready And Secure: Machogu Assures Credibility

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has promised the public that this year’s national tests, which will start later this month, will be done in the most credible way possible.

The CS said that enough steps had been taken to stop cheating, and he emphasized that no one will open the exam materials ahead of time.

“The exams are ready and the government has taken all measures to secure the three sets of tests to be done towards the end of the year,” he explained.

Speaking in Nanyuki town on Friday, where he participated in a public engagement event hosted by the Presidential Working Group on Education Reforms to solicit feedback on the competency-based curriculum, Mr. Machogu added that security arrangements and exam personnel were in place.

He stated that authorities were on high alert and on the watch for persons purporting to sell leaked exam papers and warned that anyone discovered would be prosecuted.

Machogu said that the exams are ready and that the government has done everything to ensure the three exams at the end of the year are safe.

After three suspects were arrested for selling exam papers to desperate parents on social media networks, Machogu addressed the examination leak.

“Recently, you saw three men who were arrested as they were selling bogus examination papers to Kenyans, note that those are not genuine and citizens should report such characters to authorities if they encounter them,” the CS said.

Machogu inaugurated a new CBC classroom at Nanyuki High School in Laikipia County. He then addressed the institution’s students and urged them to be self-motivated and disciplined.

He reassured the pupils and their parents that the examination materials were intact and that what would be provided to the examination centers would be authentic and reliable.

Exams Are Ready And Secure: Machogu Assures Credibility


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