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KASNEB Introduces New Exam Strategy For Students In New Syllabus

KASNEB Introduces New Exam Strategy For Students In New Syllabus

The Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (Kasneb) has released a new syllabus that will allow students to take exams on demand.

Kasneb plans to discontinue offering scheduled exams to students in order to introduce new qualifications that will meet emerging market demands.

The new curriculum will center on the students and their strengths, preparing them for real-world job challenges.

Kasneb CEO Dr Nicholas Letting announced that the person’s competencies in taxation, public finance management, auditing, and management accounting would be tested.

A focus on digital literacy with an emphasis on emerging technologies is one of the changes included in the new syllabus.
It also includes practical papers on data analytics that prepare candidates for real-world scenarios in which big data and analytics are the new norms.

Kasneb has been offering professional exams twice a year, in May and November, for decades. It is, however, shifting gears, and the new plan is to offer exams when students are ready, up to four times per year.

KASNEB Institutions Accreditation Requirements 
KASNEB Institutions Accreditation Requirements 

This change will make the programs more flexible and allow students to complete their degrees in a shorter period of time.

In 2020, the organization was working on a plan to offer online examinations to candidates at any time during the year.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Kasneb, like other learning and professional training institutions, was forced to shift its strategies, with a focus on flexibility and convenience.

Given the unprecedented pandemic that has caused a worldwide health and economic crisis, Dr. Letting said online examinations will provide candidates with a more flexible route to acquiring professional qualifications.


He also mentioned that the organization was working on a program to make teaching and learning more adaptable through the use of online channels, allowing more professionals to enroll and pursue courses at their leisure.

KASNEB Introduces New Exam Strategy For Students In New Syllabus



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