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Exam ‘Leakage’ Scam: How Charged Varsity Students Made Millions From Desperate Parents

Exam ‘Leakage’ Scam: How Charged Varsity Students Made Millions From Desperate Parents

Monday before the Milimani law courts, three Egerton University students were charged with obtaining millions of shillings through test violations.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation stated the suspects were freed on a bond of Sh1 million or Sh500,000 with the equivalent amount of guarantee.

DCI said in a statement that the scammers acquired millions of shillings in exam leaking from parents and KSCE candidates.

DCI stated, “”They got money from parents and KCSE candidates via Telegram forums in the pretext that they would sell them examination materials for the forthcoming national examinations.

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) police have thus far apprehended the three suspects based on the university’s main campus in Njoro, Nakuru County.

“The mastermind of the syndicate Kelvin Anunda Mogaka, alias Prof Lenchodas, 24, a fourth year Bachelor of science in Education Mathematics and Physics was lured into a trap by the detectives on Thursday night, and led them to his house in Njoro, Nakuru,” the statement read.

Mogaka is suspected of having gotten millions of shillings from parents, according to the DCI.

From where he lives in a huge, well-furnished apartment, Mogaka founded two Telegram groups with over 13,000 members, from which he is believed to have obtained the funds.

Parents paid between Sh5,000 and Sh20,000 to assist their children cheating on exams.

“Police nipped their plans in the bud when they raided the suspect’s house and recovered dozens of SIM cards and identity cards that the suspect had used to open fraudulent M-pesa and bank accounts where the received money would be deposited,” the statement read.

The police identified a bank account belonging to his teaching brother with approximately Sh2 million.

According to DCI, members were cautioned to rigorously adhere to the method to save time, which stated that the Telegram groups contained payment instructions.

“Avoid many stories, all papers are available,” read one of the messages in the telegram group.

The suspect’s relative told police that Mogaka had previously told him that he had won the jackpot following a winning wager and would be sending him money to build a house for him at their residence in Mosocho, Nyamira county.

When the police visited the Nyamusi homestead, they confirmed that the fourth-year student was actually building a modest house in the community.

Francis Manyara Ogata alias Prof. Ranchodas and Bravin Ombongi, fourth-year Egerton University students majoring in Education, Mathematics, and Geography, were identified by the suspect as his collaborators.

According to a statement, during the raid, officers found six mobile phones, eight identification cards, and ATM cards, all related to the bogus telegram and bank accounts.

In addition, DCI cautioned parents and students against joining groups that leak exams.

“Parents and students are cautioned not to join such fraudulent groups but be honest and prepare for the forthcoming examinations adequately,” DCI said.

Exam ‘Leakage’ Scam: How Charged Varsity Students Made Millions From Desperate Parents


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