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Kenya, India Celebrates Annual ITEC Day

Under the civilian and defence categories, India offers 240 ITEC slots to Kenya annually.

Kenya, India Celebrates Annual ITEC Day

Kenya joined the rest of the globe on Saturday, commemorating the 58th Annual Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program day.

The ITEC program has enabled thousands of students from developing nations to undertake professional courses in India.

ITEC program was initiated in 1964 and is a fully funded capacity-building and skill development program to benefit government personnel from developing nations.

Amb. Arthur Andambi, Director for Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific Islands at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Kenya and India have historically enjoyed warm and cordial bilateral relations, which have continued to grow in a variety of economic sectors and can be attributed to bilateral instruments of cooperation such as ITEC.

He noted that Kenya appreciates the multiple annual in-person and online ITEC programs designed to strengthen the ability of government employees, military personnel, and students.

Andambi noted that increasing the number of ITEC slots awarded to Kenya in 2022–2023 to 240 for in-person training and unlimited for e-ITEC (online) will go a long way toward strengthening the transfer of skills and experience to Kenyans.

Kenya, India Celebrates Annual ITEC Day
During the ITEC Day ceremony, Ms Namgya Khampa, India’s designate High Commissioner, was joined by Lt. Genera Mohamed Badi, NMS Director.

As noted by the director, India’s recent economic progress to become the fifth largest economy in the world will allow Kenya, a strategic partner, to learn from and benefit from developments in India.

“Kenya looks forward to continue working with India through ITEC Program for an economically and technologically interconnected world that helps build bridges of lasting friendship and camaraderie for a better tomorrow.”, Amb. Andambi said

This presents Kenya with immense opportunities, particularly in the sectors outlined in Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Big 4 Agenda.

The newly appointed Indian High Commissioner to Kenya, Her Excellency Namgya C. Khampa, stated that the celebrations represent a significant pillar of development cooperation and capacity-building relationships.

She noted that the ITEC Programme provides a government-funded platform for sharing India’s development experiences and capacities through cooperation, based on the idea of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbaka,’ which means the world is one family.

Amb. Khampa remarked that Kenya is an active member of India’s ITEC program and that she looks forward to Kenya boosting its utilization of ITEC training support and giving tailored country-based training slots that match unique skilling and education needs in a variety of fields.

In what is becoming a new normal due to the global epidemic, the Commissioner stated that ITEC would continue to provide both conventional physical courses in India and e-ITEC online courses throughout this year.

Maj.-Gen. Mohammed Badi, who was also representing General Robert Kibochi, Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), stated that India and Kenyans have cooperated on trade since the country’s independence and that this cooperation has expanded into many areas, including defense.

Currently, he stated that Kenya and India have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on defense cooperation that includes military training exercises and medical services and is renewed every five years.

In addition to various courses for the army and naval officers, the KDF has also received military supplies and equipment from India, according to General Badi, who is also a beneficiary of ITEC.

The head of the NMS stated that the United States and India’s defense forces collaborate in the Indian Ocean to monitor commercial and passenger ships.

General Badi stated that there are also discussions regarding shipbuilding, adding that Kenya has just begun a Kenya Shipyard Limited and has benefited from the India Goa Shipping Limited as it has already started construction on its maiden vessel.

Another advantage is the deployment of naval ships to the port of Mombasa, where the two countries exchange information with the Kenyan Navy on the maritime domain, according to the general, who urged the two nations to focus more on the defense industry, research, and development, and marine and border management, areas in which India excels.

The ITEC Programme, which the Indian government wholly finances, has evolved and grown throughout time. ITEC has provided training to 161 countries in Asia, Africa, East Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and Small Island Developing States.

Kenya, India Celebrates Annual ITEC Day

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