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Junior Secondary Placement Formula To Be Released on Friday

Junior Secondary Placement Formula To Be Released on Friday

Parents will be informed on Friday about the placement of Grade 6 students in junior secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education will make the placement formula available to teachers, parents, and students.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha stated that the guidelines will be used to place nearly 1.2 million students currently in Grade 6.

On Monday, Magoha spoke at Kariobangi North Girls, where he laid the groundwork for the construction of JSS classrooms.

“On Friday, that is July 22, I will give blow-by-blow the manner in which the placement will be done,” Magoha said.

On that day, Magoha will also submit a list of CBC-compliant private schools and stand-alone private secondary schools.

“The most basic requirement for primary schools is a laboratory because there is no functional secondary school without it,” he said.

Magoha added that, in addition to performance, affirmative action will be used in placement, just as it is for Form One students.

This will take into account students from remote areas, slum schools, and arid and semi-arid areas.

Mogoha emphasized the importance of having JSS students placed in day schools.

Magoha encouraged parents to send their children to day schools so that they can stay with their children.

In terms of teacher training, he stated that Grade 7 teachers have already been trained but will be gradually upgraded.

“The reason Grade 7 teachers have not been upgraded is because they are helping us to normalise in January,” he said.

Magoha clarified that the upgrade will be implemented at the appropriate time through school-based programs.

“When that time comes,” he says, “the program will ensure they are further trained and integrated into the CBC curriculum.”

Magoha stated that once Grade 6 students have completed a series of assessments, they will be ready for the final exam.

The Kenya Primary School Education Assessment will begin on November 28.

“Parents are aware that their children have already been evaluated twice.” “Each of these exams is worth 30%; the final exam is worth 100%,” he said.

A sample of KPSEA answer sheets obtained by the Star revealed that there are multiple choices.

Students must enter the school code number, assessment number, candidate name, and school.


They are instructed to cross one of the four multiple-choice options to indicate the answer.

The CBC pioneer cohort, which is currently in Grade 6, is expected to enter junior secondary school next year.

According to the ministry, 2.57 million students will enroll in Grade 7 and Form 1 during the January double intake.

Junior Secondary Placement Formula To Be Released on Friday



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