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Ensure Uniformity of CBC, Taskforce Told

Ensuring Uniformity of CBC, Taskforce Told

Zetech University has requested that the task force formed to examine the Competence Based Curriculum ensure that the model is consistent across the country

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof Alice Njuguna stated during the institution’s Open Day on Thika Road that ensuring curriculum uniformity will ensure that all learners receive equal training regardless of their backgrounds, communities, or regions.

According to the DVC, the new learning model is critical in transforming the country because it prepares learners to be innovative and adapt to global technological advancements.

“The learning model is more practical than theoretical and will prepare learners to be innovative and hence come up with vital solutions to most ills that bedevil our country and the society,” Prof Njuguna said.

The don stated that the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) is exactly what the country requires to boost the productivity of the young generation and address issues that have plagued the country’s youth since independence, such as unemployment.

The new system, he said, will provide learners with skill-based knowledge that they can use to make a living or meet job market demands in the future

e noted Kenya requires a system that will equip, nurture, and sharpen children’s skills and talents so that they and the country can benefit in the future.

“In years to come the issue of unemployment will be a thing of the past,” she said.

Njuguna stated that the university is eager to prepare for the new curriculum by putting adequate and necessary resources in place to accommodate students as well as training its lecturers and faculty to prepare them for the curriculum.

She also mentioned that the university has created a research and innovation hub to promote and incubate student innovations, as well as to facilitate research and dissemination of findings.

“We believe that the research findings and innovations will provide solutions to the myriad of challenges that the country and communities face.

“We are keen on promoting research and innovations as well as ensuring the findings are disseminated and commercialized for the benefit of the country, the researchers and the Innovators,” the DVC said.

She revealed that the university has made significant investments in information and technology programs to supplement and close skill gaps in the labor market, particularly through its incubation hub, which aims to use innovation and technology as a driver of job creation.

She said a regional shortage of critical tech skills is limiting local businesses and slowing economic growth.

“Individuals and companies must keep up with the technological disruptions, trends, problems, and opportunities to make better and sustainable career, commercial, and institutional decisions,” she said.

Ensuring Uniformity of CBC, Taskforce Told


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