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English Access Micro-Scholarship Programme Launched in Mombasa

English Access Micro-Scholarship Programme Launched in Mombasa.

Samba Sports Youth Agenda’s English Access-Micro-Scholarship will help Mombasa’s brilliant and poor students.

50 Mrima and Shikaadabu secondary school students are funded to learn English, public speaking, essay, and poem writing to improve their academic performance and develop leadership qualities.

Poor students in Kwale County benefited from the first phase.

The Samba Sports Youth Agenda Partnership advisor, Mohammed Mwachausa, said that the program helped 42 children in Kwale learn English better.

He said they started the program in 2020 because most kids are smart but struggle with English and view it as a foreign language.

He said the program helps the students understand the language and ICT studies and empowers them more in doing community work like beach cleaning and tree planting, among others.

“Through this program, we have realized that the young people will grow to be responsible adults in the society besides excelling in academics,” he said.

Mwachausa remarked that schools pick students based on academic performance.

“We choose these schools because a big number of learners come from vulnerable communities that are affected by drugs and juvenile gangs and many students performed poorly in their KCSE exams,” he added.

He stated the program provides instructional materials, computers, and a school library to improve learning and research.

Mwachausa said the program’s top students would receive overseas scholarships.

“After graduation, the students will become alumni of the US embassy sponsorship programme of which if they post excellent results in their national examinations they get another opportunity to learn in America,” he said.

He stated that the pupils would help those who didn’t participate understand and learn.

Since the initiative began, student performance has improved.

He noted that many pupils had become school leaders and spoke English better after the program.

Mrima Secondary School English teacher Nancy Wambura said the selection process was fair but rigorous. Students wrote application papers, which were reviewed, and those shortlisted were interviewed.

Wambura said the program tutors reading and speaking after class.

She stated the initiative had changed many kids’ lives by exposing them to US culture.

Valentine Anyango, a form one student at Shikaadabu Secondary School, says the program has improved her language skills and confidence in public speaking.

Anyango advised kids to seize every opportunity to succeed in life.

“We are lucky to be part of this programme and I am sure many opportunities are coming ahead for the betterment of our future,” she said.

English Access Micro-Scholarship Programme Launched in Mombasa.


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