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Embrace Technology; Graduates Told As UNICEF, Airtel Enhance Internet Connectivity In Schools

Embrace Technology; Graduates Told As UNICEF, Airtel Enhance Internet Connectivity In Schools

To combat unemployment, graduates have been urged to embrace technology and become entrepreneurs.

Prof. Njenga Munene, vice chancellor of Zetech University, stated that being techno-entrepreneurial will make students competitive, given that current technology is rapidly replacing most jobs.

During a graduation ceremony at the university’s Ruiru main campus, where 1,786 students were awarded degrees, diplomas, and certificates, the university’s vice chancellor advised students to pursue employment opportunities in the technology sector.

He said that the government had improved ICT connectivity across the country, which had helped entrepreneurs succeed and given young people more job opportunities.

Munene said that if universities and colleges refocused their training on ICT and entrepreneurship, it might be possible to eliminate unemployment. 

He noted that new technology would take up to 70% of jobs shortly.

“Students must be techno-perineurial because there’s a wide application of technology in almost all areas. Therefore don’t miss on the relevant technology,” he said

According to him, to educate students with entrepreneurial abilities, the university has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem incubation hub to cultivate student business ideas and inventions, which will then be transferred to industrial parks.

In addition, they have included an entrepreneurial unit for all Zetech students.

In addition, the VC stated that the university had implemented the master’s program in response to its great demand.

“We are committed to delivering a quality program to our students. We have entered into partnerships with various industry players who will give our students industrial exposure as they study. 

“This will ensure that we produce competent and innovative leaders in their respective fields,” Munene said.

UNICEF, Airtel Kenya Enhance Internet Connectivity In Schools

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Airtel Kenya gave internet devices to Ngei Primary School in Langata, a neighborhood of Nairobi, to help kids learn about technology.

The program, which will run for the next five years, was launched on Thursday and will equip 30 schools in Kenya with devices for internet-based education.

During the launch, Ashish Malhotra, the managing director of Airtel Kenya, told the students that they would have access to the Internet. 

He also said that 29 more schools in Kenya would be connected to the Internet since the program’s goal is to connect 30 schools in Kenya to the Internet.

“We are targeting 30 schools across the country that were selected for internet connectivity and whose mapping was conducted by the Ministry of Education for us to connect them to the internet,” said Malhotra.

Emeka Oparah, Vice President of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Airtel Africa, praised Ngei Primary School’s warm welcome before the launch.

He instructed them to explore the Internet, engage with the global community, and discover what other students are doing around the globe.

Oparah stated, “This internet connectivity project aims to increase use of digital literacy tools and connect schools to the internet in order to provide quality digital learning for children, including those with disabilities.”

Charles Otine, in charge of innovation at Airtel, thanked Airtel and UNICEF for their work to give schoolchildren access to the Internet.

“I thank Airtel which has zero rated learning websites so that students have better access to learning content and also for providing teacher training so that they can use the connectivity to teach students well,” said Otine.

Otine was glad that the government of Kenya and the Ministry of Education gave schools computers and projectors because they knew how important they were.

The Ngei Primary School community congratulated UNICEF and Airtel for the internet equipment, which included WiFi routers.

According to them, the internet connection has made them part of the global village since students can take advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides.

According to them, education is the key to achieving other Sustainable Development Goals.

The COVID-19 outbreak caught most schools, including Ngei, by surprise since they had not yet been digitized.

Embrace Technology; Graduates Told As UNICEF, Airtel Enhance Internet Connectivity In Schools


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