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TSC Email Activation; Guidelines For Teachers

TSC Email Activation; Guidelines For Teachers


The procedure for activating an individual’s official email is as follows:

1. Access the TSC Website: To start the email activation process, please visit the official TSC website at using a computer or a mobile device with internet access.

2. Select Online Services and from the drop-down Click on the Email Activation Link, locate the “Email Activation” link and click on it. This will direct you to the email activation page

3. A new page ( will load with a field where you will be required to fill in your TSC number. Please ensure that you enter the correct TSC number to avoid any issues with the activation process.

4. A new field requiring your ID number will appear. Fill it in and click “VERIFY.”

5. Verify the images and click Verify

6. Your details, which are already uploaded on the Commission System, will be verified.

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7. Click on the icon to view and record your official email and the temporary password.

8. Click on to go to the site.

9. Enter your email as per the record you had taken.

10. Enter the password you have recorded.

11. Click “Next” to continue

12. Additional information will be needed to secure your account and for future password verification.

13. Select “I want to set up a different method.”

14. Click on the drop-down and select phone.

15. Then Click confirm

16. The next field will request the teacher’s mobile number. This number must be the teacher’s mobile number. It will be used in the future to reset passwords and carry-out other important commission transactions, including pay-slip activities.

17. Select the Country and enter the mobile number. This must be your number and you should have the phone with you.


18. Once done as below, click Next.

19. A code will be received in the phone provided for verification. Enter the code in the space provided as below and click Next.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions: Before proceeding with the email activation process, you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions outlined by the TSC. It is essential to review these terms and conditions carefully and seek clarification on any areas of concern.

Complete the Email Activation Process: Once you have provided all the required information and agreed to the terms and conditions, click on the “Activate” button to complete the email activation process. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your email has been successfully activated.

Log In to Your TSC Email: After activating your TSC email, you can log in to your account using your TSC number and the password you created during the activation process. Make sure to keep your password secure and do not share it with anyone to protect the confidentiality of your email account

Familiarize Yourself with TSC Email Features: Once you have logged in to your TSC email, take the time to explore and familiarize yourself with the different features and functions available. This includes checking your inbox, composing and sending emails, managing your contacts, and customizing your email settings.

Use TSC Email for Official Communication: Your TSC email is an official communication tool by the commission, and it should be used exclusively for official purposes related to your teaching profession. Please refrain from using your TSC email for personal or unrelated communication to ensure that it remains a professional and secure channel for official correspondence.

Follow TSC Email Usage Policies: As a teacher, it is your responsibility to adhere to the TSC email usage policies and guidelines. These policies include refraining from sending or receiving inappropriate, offensive, or discriminatory content, avoiding the use of your TSC email for commercial or political purposes, and adhering to the TSC’s code of conduct and ethics.

Seek Technical Assistance if Needed: If you encounter any technical issues or have questions regarding the TSC email activation process or email usage policies, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from the TSC support team. You can contact the TSC through their official website or contact the helpdesk provided on

NB: You can also download the Outlook app and install it on your phone or tablet/iPad for those with smartphones. For any queries related to the email activation, you can get assistance from the ICT Champion teachers, the TSC office near you or you can email to [email protected]. THANK YOU!

TSC Email Activation; Guidelines For Teachers

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