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Youths Urged To Embrace Lifelong Education, Discipline & Hard Work For Bright Future

Youths Urged To Embrace Lifelong Education, Discipline & Hard Work For Bright Future

Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya has urged young people to embrace lifelong education, discipline, and hard work in order to have a bright future.

Governor Mvurya stated that formal education would enable the youth to achieve their legitimate life goals.

Mvurya, who is serving his second and final term as governor, stated that his administration has prioritized education in its efforts to improve the coastal county.

The county executive said he launched the Sh.400 million ‘Elimu Ni Sasa’ scholarship program in 2013 with the goal of ensuring students in high school and institutions of higher learning achieve academic success.

He stated that education is at the heart of all progress and growth, both as an individual and as a society.

The scholarship program is aimed at bright but financially disadvantaged students attending secondary schools and universities.

Mvurya spoke at a public forum attended by area County Commissioner Gideon Oyagi in Ukunda Township.

“My administration has identified and continues to prioritize the education sector as the foundation upon which sustainable development can be built,” said Mvurya.

According to him, Kwale now has over 5,500 students in national schools, 3,600 university students, and 60,000 students in the county and extra county schools as a result of the ‘Elimu ni Sasa’ program.

“If a student earned 350 KCPE marks we paid 100 percent fees irrespective of which schools they joined,” he said.

He stated that the county scholarship initiative has enabled local students to embark on a journey that will secure their and their families futures.

Mvurya stated that voters in the August 9 General Election should elect leaders who are committed to improving access to quality education at all levels.

Governor Mvurya also urged residents to vote wisely in the upcoming election, selecting leaders with visions for taking the county and country to new heights.

Commissioner Oyagi, for his part, urged parents to send their children to school in accordance with the national government’s 100% transition policy.

He encouraged young people in Kwale and throughout the country to pursue technical education.

Oyagi stated that the government will continue to push for a 100% transition of KCPE students to ensure that every child receives the full benefits of secondary education.

According to the county administrator, the government is making secondary education more widely available, citing education as the primary means of achieving long-term socio-economic development.


“The right to education is in our constitution and so the push for 100 percent transition will ensure that children, regardless of their social background, will have access to 12 years of learning,” said Oyagi.

He stated that the government is working to provide the necessary infrastructure to assist learners in acquiring basic education and urged parents to ensure that their children attended school.

Youths Urged To Embrace Lifelong Education, Discipline & Hard Work For Bright Future



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