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World Vision Educates Youth on Children’s Rights

World Vision Educates Youth on Children’s Rights.

The World Vision Organization has trained 30 young people in Narok County to be role models for advocating for children’s rights in the pastoralist community.

The organization will assist the youth, dubbed Citizen Voice and Action (CVA), in moving from village to village, sensitizing residents on the importance of protecting their children from all forms of danger and ensuring the children receive basic needs.

During a community dialogue at Koseka village in Naroosura Ward, Narok South Sub-county, Ms. Dolphine Kwamboka of World Vision reminded residents during a community dialogue that all children had a right to education and that parents who failed to take their children to school would be arrested and prosecuted in court.

“The government wants all parents to take their children to school so that they can be empowered to become professionals in future. That is why we have free primary education in all public schools in the country,” she said.

One of the youths trained, Ms. Maureen Nashipae, stated that the main challenge the children in Narok County face is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced early marriages, and moranism, which jeopardizes their academic performance.

She urged the children in her community not to be drawn into retrogressive cultural practices that do not benefit them, but instead to focus on their education in order to gain knowledge.

“We urge our fellow girls to say a big ‘NO’ to FGM and early marriages. If your parents force you into the act, please run to the nearest church, chief or police station and inform them of the intended action. Please do not keep quiet and suffer alone because we are all here to help you,” said Ms. Nashipae.

Members of the community who attended the meeting praised World Vision for developing programs to assist children in the community.


Mzee William Nchoe stated that poverty and illiteracy were major challenges in society, forcing many parents to marry off their daughters at a young age in exchange for a small dowry.

“We plead with you to remain in this area so that you can help us eradicate this cultural practice of FGM, and help us educate our fellow people the danger of FGM,” he added.

According to the Department of Education, more than 94% of candidates who took the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in Narok County went on to secondary schools or vocational training centers.

World Vision Educates Youth on Children’s Rights



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