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Police Inspector Mobilizes School Fees For Needy Children

Police Inspector Mobilizes School Fees For Needy Children

Five students from low-income families in the Merisho area have benefited from an education sponsorship program thanks to a community fundraising mobilization effort led by Police Inspector Alfred Juma.

Merisho residents have raised funds for the five students in secondary school and early childhood development and education (ECDE) centers through the police chief.

Inspector Juma emphasized the importance of education in reducing crime rates in the community while speaking during the exercise in the area.

He also emphasized the importance of collaborating with members of the community to improve the living conditions of vulnerable members.

“The government requires that all children receive primary and secondary education. The five children had not reported to school because they come from needy backgrounds and had not been able to raise school fees,” said Juma.

Alice Kerubo, the mother of two of the beneficiaries, praised Inspector Juma for his education sponsorship program, saying it would allow her children to finish their studies.

“I have had challenges in trying to educate my children because my husband and I rely on casual jobs.

“My son and daughter passed their Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations and we could not afford school fees to enroll them in secondary school but Inspector Juma stepped in to buy their uniform and even raise money for their school fees,” said Kerubo.

Inspector Juma has worked with community members on food donation drives for vulnerable members of the community as well as youth rehabilitation through guidance and counselling.


On the mopping up exercise, Magoha stated that they are nearly at a 100 percent transition rate from primary to secondary school and warned school heads not to deny students admission due to a lack of school fees.

“It is criminal to send a child home. You want the child back home to those homes where there is nothing? If we get the name of a school principal who has send a student home to collect school fees, that will be their end. Rest assured that we shall act immediately,” Magoha warned.

Police Inspector Mobilizes School Fees For Needy Children



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