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Malala Posts KCSE And University Papers Public

Malala Posts KCSE And University Papers Public

According to reports, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala was almost barred from running for governor of Kakamega due to what was alleged as lack of required education.

The leader was obliged to disclose copies of his academic papers on social media.

The senator posted his KCSE and university certificates in an attempt to silence propagandists and reassure his supporters of his candidacy.

Malala Posts KCSE And University Papers Public

According to him, the commission has now ordered the IEBC to clear him to run.

“The Commission for University Education (CUE) has duly certified and recognized my academic credentials and henceforth advised the IEBC to clear me to contest in the August 2022 gubernatorial election, Kakamega county,” the Senator wrote on Facebook.

“Those who cherish propaganda, feel ashamed. Attached are the true copies of my academic accolades.”

He has won the Kenya Kwanza Alliance’s backing because he is the only candidate who has received support from all of the coalition’s parties.

Malala Makes His KCSE And University Papers Public, Dispel Doubts On his Academic Background

Malala is up against ODM’s Fernandes Barasa, who has joined forces with Lugari MP Ayub Savula to dwarf Malala’s dreams.

A video of the Senator Cleophas Malala making divisive statements about police competence in Kenya went viral earlier this week.

Malala allegedly disparaging the police force in the famous video, suggesting that their employment should be reserved for people who have dropped out of school.

The senator claimed that the nature of police work does not necessitate highly qualified staff.


“Si kazi ya polisi nikushika tuu bundiki?” says the narrator. Malala added.

“Is police work not merely about holding a gun?” loosely translated.

Those who have passed tests, he said, should be permitted to continue their education at universities and colleges, while those who have dropped out should be recruited into the police force.

A KCSE certificate should not be required of anyone aspiring to join the police force, according to Malala.

Malala Posts KCSE And University Papers Public



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