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Magoha Remarks on Al Shabaab Sparks Uproar

Magoha Remarks on Al Shabaab Sparks Uproar

The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) has summoned Education Cabinet Secretary George Omore Magoha to answer questions about comments he made about an NTV journalist.

During a press conference at Jamia Mosque on Tuesday, July 26, SUPKEM leaders led by Hassan Ole Naado accused the CS of profiling the female journalist.

SUPKEM argued that Magoha’s sentiments violated her constitutionally protected freedom of religion.

“We are concerned about profiling a female reporter by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha.

“In this unfortunate incident captured and broadcast in the video, the CS is seen targeting, discriminating, and verbally attacking the young Muslim lady journalist based on her religion and referring to her as representing a terrorist organization,” Naado explained.

The Muslim leaders requested that the Kenyan Media Council (MCK) and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) take action against the CS.

Following the remarks, Naado asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to fire CS Magoha.

Other Muslim clerics have called for the protection of all journalists in the country as the elections approach.

Magoha is said to have made the comments while inspecting the second phase of CBC junior classrooms in Nairobi.

During the event, a female Muslim reporter wearing a hijab asked Magoha a question, and instead of answering, she demanded to know where she was from and whether she represented the Al Shabaab.

“First of all, where do you come from? Who are you representing? Because if you are representing Al Shabaab, I will not answer you,” the CS was captured saying.


“NTV is a good station, so I will answer you,” Magoha stated, following a response from the journalist, whose identity has not been made public yet.

CS Magoha and the Ministry of Education have yet to respond to the allegations.

MCK and NCIC, on the other hand, have not responded to SUPKEM’s concerns.

Magoha Remarks on Al Shabaab Sparks Uproar



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