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Magoha Dismisses Claims That He’s Seeking Retention In The Next Government

Magoha Dismisses Claims That He’s Seeking Retention In The Next Government.

George Magoha has denied recent reports that he is seeking to be retained as the Education Cabinet Secretary in the next government.

Magoha, who is set to leave the office with President Uhuru Kenyatta next week, has said he has done enough.

He was speaking at Nairobi School, where four CBC classrooms were dedicated.

“Let me disapprove the minds of citizens, I am not looking for a job, what I have is enough, I have a target to meet,” Magoha said.

On Monday, the CS requested additional time to complete the CBC classrooms.

“Whoever comes will be my commander in chief, so I hope that person can allow me to finish the classrooms . I stand guided, if you allow me to continue I will continue,” he said on Monday.

On Thursday, however, he stated that people misunderstood him and that what he said did not imply that he is requesting to be the Education Secretary in the next government.

“I will work even on Monday. I am serving Uhuru Kenyatta, when he is still there as the President I will still be working,” he said.

Magoha promised to keep commissioning CBC classrooms until it was time for him to leave.

He stated that by the time he leaves, nearly 8,500 CBC classrooms will be operational.

“For example, if somebody goes to court, by the time they finish I will have completed my work,” Magoha said.

According to the Education CS, the second phase of CBC classes is at 58% nationwide.

Magoha urged the incoming government to spend the funds allotted to the education sector wisely.

“The next CS will be a human being and he/she will continue where I have left off. The only challenge is how they will spend this money,” he said.


Magoha stated during the launch of the Equity Wings to Fly program in May that when he leaves office, he will move on with his life.

“The problem with Kenyans is getting stuck in power. When my time comes I will leave, and someone else will continue with this job,” he said.

Magoha, a transplant surgery professor, advised Kenyans not to be afraid to seek medical advice from him.

“When you come to my clinic, do not be afraid because I will treat you, I will serve my purpose as a medic at that time,” he said.

Magoha Dismisses Claims That He’s Seeking Retention In The Next Government



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